We’re delighted about the recent expansion of IBM and Adobe’s dynamic partnership to help brands transform their content supply chains using generative AI. Our longstanding partnership with Adobe spanning both technology and consulting allows us to offer an unparalleled range of services to meet the evolving needs of the marketing and creative community. 

So, what does this partnership mean in practical terms?

There are 3 fundamental benefits for clients:

  1. Accelerated content production at enterprise scale: Hundreds of human hours are spent on content creation, production, customization and translation in order to provide globally standardised content that fuels consistent omni-channel experiences – this is before any consideration is made to personalisation of content for more impactful consumer experiences. Beyond human-scale, brands using Adobe Firefly can accelerate and enhance their content production by empowering their creatives to do more of what they love with their time — reducing low value, repetitive and time consuming tasks, thus creating the capacity for personalisation. IBM Consulting provides the expertise to effectively implement design and creative generative AI models in a scaleable, secure and governed way for the enterprise.
  2. More efficient end-to-end content workflows: Optimizing enterprise end-to-end workflows that support the content supply chain is a critical first step. Generative AI in itself is a powerful tool, but if it cannot be put to effect in a secure and scaleable way that is managed, auditable and governed — it’s just a fun feature, not a strategic value driver. IBM Consulting helps customers using Adobe’s Workfront technology to optimize the end-to-end process flow, embracing the ecosystem of tools, technology, people and processes required to deploy content at enterprise speed and scale. That means marketing and creative teams can launch effective omni-channel, localised campaigns and maximize their impact on the business more quickly, confident in the knowledge that brand standards are never compromised.
  3. Enhanced experience personalization: Impactful personalised experiences are more than just beautiful content; they rely on a deep understanding of people, environments, behaviours and preferences that inform, influence and instruct decisions on how, when and to whom content should be presented and served. IBM Consulting integrates Adobe’s AI-accelerated Content Supply Chain solution with our own technology and expertise to bring together a client’s data, brand guidelines and IP in a secure and scalable way for the enterprise. This provides enterprises the security they need when creating and using highly personalized content, ensuring that it is consistent with their company’s brand and delightful to their customers.

IBM as “Client Zero”

We have a unique and deep understanding of this combined IBM + Adobe value proposition to optimize the content supply chain because we are actually doing this work ourselves – we are navigating the waters as “Client Zero.” IBM has embarked on an ongoing marketing transformation journey with Adobe, in which our own IBM iX design consultants have partnered with the IBM Marketing team to radically simplify our end-to-end marketing organization with the Adobe product suite. This includes Adobe Workfront, the connective tissue among the Adobe tools and all of IBM marketing. Adobe Workfront is the content supply chain’s foundation layer that connects the siloed teams and stakeholders who need to be involved in the end-to end-process of planning, creating, distributing and measuring the impact of content. With Workfront, IBM has created a more efficient working model that helps us deliver client experiences that are data driven and relevant.

And now, we are entering Phase II. We’re experiencing a once-in-a-generation disruption that has changed how people think of AI for business — impacting the way we all work and how organizations compete. As the demand for more and better content explodes, top global companies, including IBM, are now doubling down on automation and AI. We are currently focused on accelerating delivery and execution, starting with demand automation. We have gone from using three different demand tools down to just one. We are also expecting massive improvements from a design and development perspective — by connecting Marketo with Workfront, we’ll reduce the time it takes to create an email by 77%.

watsonx and IBM’s Center of Excellence for Generative AI

With the recent launch of watsonx, IBM’s enterprise-ready AI and data platform designed to multiply the impact of AI across businesses, coupled with our Center of Excellence for generative AI, we are better positioned than ever before to help our clients transform their own content supply chains with generative AI.

The Center of Excellence has 1,000+ consultants with specialized generative AI expertise, and stands alongside IBM Consulting’s existing global AI and Automation practice, which has conducted over 40,000 enterprise client engagements. It leverages proven methods like the IBM Garage for Generative AI, where IBM consultants apply a comprehensive, collaborative method to help clients fast-track innovation in the emerging category of foundation models for generative AI. That includes rapid use case ideation and prioritization, an open, multi-model approach to selecting architectures and training, as well as fine tuning and scaling models to unique business needs.

Take the next step to accelerate your content supply chain

Creating a seamless content supply chain across the enterprise will help you realize faster time-to-market, reduce costs, and increase productivity and will allow you to deliver high-quality content to your audience faster than ever before. We encourage you to explore IBM’s Adobe consulting services here.

Register for the webinar to learn more about putting generative AI to work in the content supply chain.
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