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Create new business models
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Embrace innovation. Monetize data and create new revenue streams. Develop more competitive business strategies. See how big data and analytics can help organizations in a variety of industries create new business models.




Uncover valuable insights about clinical factors, lifestyle choices and social determinants to provide a holistic view of the patient and their role in society to better inform the specific types of clinical, social and services engagements that can improve outcomes and reduce costs.


Video: Catalonia Department of Health

Catalonia Department of Health and IBM are building a big data and analytics platform that offers care providers a complete view of multi-chronic-patient data from separate primary health, hospital and social care systems—to predict critical points in patients’ care.




Shift to a new business model that uses telematics to understand how, when and where a vehicle is actually driven—and base pricing and promotions on this valuable insight:


Daimler FleetBoard GmbH uses an IBM analytics-based telematics solution to help optimize vehicle usage and routing, enable remote delivery of functionality to vehicles and lower customers’ insurance premiums 10 percent.




Tap into a brand new source of revenue and surpass the competition by analyzing and monetizing mobile call, search and location data:


Video: Sprint Velocity

Sprint Velocity stores driver preferences, like cabin temperature and global positioning, in the cloud so drivers can bring next-generation technologies from their smartphones to their vehicle compartments to create a more personalized experience.