Big Data & Analytics

IBM ‘Heart of the City’

Data brought to life beautifully at Vivid Sydney 2014.

Data is everywhere. It was generated by the bus, train or ferry you caught. By the pedestrian crossing button you pushed. By your grocery basket, petrol tank, email inbox, and by every status update, tweet and search.

In IBM ‘Heart of the City,’ we're collecting data via Wi-Fi enabled device signals at Vivid Sydney’s Light Walk. This data reveals patterns that can be used for future planning – patterns based on times of day, on visitor numbers, their dwell time, the direction they headed and the pace they travelled.

We then visualise those patterns and project them onto our ‘Heart of the City’ lighting sculpture. It reflects what’s going on at street level, and is a stunning example of data made clear, insightful, and yes, even beautiful.

Experience the beauty of real-time data at the IBM ‘Heart of City’ installation at the Vivid Sydney Light Walk.

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