IBM and Hortonworks partnership

IBM and Hortonworks Inc. are offering an enterprise-grade Hadoop distribution with data integration, federation and advanced querying tools, combining the best of Hortonworks Data Platform, Hortonworks Data Flow and Db2 Big SQL. This offers enterprise-grade scalability, security and governance, and an ability to federate data at rest and data in motion.

IBM and Hortonworks improve insight discovery, testing and ad hoc and near real-time queries, supporting predictive and prescriptive analytics.


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Unify data from more sources and formats

Secure and enterprise-ready, Apache Hadoop distribution powers near real-time applications and analytics — on premises or in the cloud. Deploy, integrate and analyze massive volumes of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.

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Federate and query virtually any data

The highly scalable, enterprise-grade SQL for Hadoop concurrently exploits Apache Hive, HBase and Spark, using a single query or database connection that reduces latency and supports ad hoc and complex queries.

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Drive machine learning and advanced analytics

Create new analytic models quickly and easily in a collaborative environment. Build and train machine-learning models and prepare and analyze data in a flexible hybrid cloud environment.


Apache Hadoop

Manage large volumes and different types of data, with open-source Hadoop. Tap into unmatched performance, simplicity and standards compliance to use all data, regardless of where it resides.

Governance and metadata tools

Governance and metadata tools enable you to locate and retrieve information about data objects, in addition to their meaning, physical location, characteristics and usage.


A hybrid SQL on Hadoop engine, providing low-latency support for ad hoc and complex queries and connecting disparate sources, using a single database connection


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