The Cognitive advantage: man and machine in partnership

Rising to the data challenge

The data revolution is well underway. Every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are being created and businesses in virtually every industry have access to far more data than they know what to do with. Most of this data is unstructured — in the form of text, documents, social media posts, audio recordings, research papers, images, videos and more. This data is the most important untapped business resource, but in many cases businesses don’t have the right tools or skilled resources to mine it for actionable insights. In our benchmark research on big data analytics, an overwhelming 80% of participants claimed analytics is very important to their organization, yet, over half of these participants said their knowledge workers and analysts spend more than 80% of their time simply preparing the data for analysis.

  • When you think about your company’s future, do you have a plan for using all available data whether it lives in the cloud or on-premises?
  • Do your employees spend more time searching and wrangling data than using it to drive business outcomes?
  • Are you using insights hidden in your data to delight customers at every touch point?

Your competitors are and you should too. For the companies that are already investing in data unification and advanced analytics though, the benefits and competitive advantages are undisputable.

Did you know?

62% of business leaders say outcomes from cognitive data search and discovery initiatives exceeded their expectations

More than 88% of data available to businesses is unstructured

60% of companies said that analyzing both structured and unstructured data is a “must have” to remain competitive within the next few years

How are you going to keep up?

Businesses that continue to rely on outdated analytics tools and data management systems fail to derive critical insights hidden in their unstructured data resulting in higher operating and customer acquisition costs, less-than-optimal decision-making, and poor performance in strategic initiatives. The opportunity costs of not building a future-proof company are huge. Data can transform your business and improve virtually every aspect of your operations from your websites to your back-end distribution, and every other department in between. The challenge is to find a solution that connects all your data sources — internal, external and publicly-available — irrespective of whether it lives in the cloud of on-premises, so you can truly make sense of the enormous amount of data that’s available and find the right insights that help drive business value. That’s where cognitive systems can help.

Why cognitive? Why start now?

The International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates that search time can be reduced by 53.4% with the implementation of high-quality enterprise search capabilities. Companies need a cognitive solution that can access and unlock the potential in all data — internal, external, structured, unstructured, voice, and visual — and make it all work together. Cognitive systems are more than just artificial intelligence (AI); they combine AI, machine learning and natural language capabilities to form a system that understands data, makes reasoned deductions, learns from every interaction and communicates with humans more naturally.

By employing a cognitive system, you gain the ability to work with data at a scale and level of detail that is not possible for humans alone. It’s more about augmented intelligence: humans and machines working together to improve business outcomes. Cognitive systems help you scale expertise across teams, make your employees better-informed, so they can make better decisions and engage with customers in ways that were previously unimaginable. Cognitive systems also help you tailor your products and services to your individual customers preferences and respond quickly to changes in market conditions. And by gaining a 360-degree understanding of the data behind your business, you can promote better collaboration and information sharing throughout your organization. Thousands of companies are already doing this today.

Why cognitive?

A Cognitive business is a thinking business

Cognitive solutions like Watson Explorer are already helping disrupt long-held views of what computers are capable of. We’re able to unlock the value in “dark” data that was previously inaccessible or was dispersed in disconnected silos and systems. Cognitive businesses create knowledge from data to expand everyone’s expertise, continuously learning and adapting to outthink the needs of the ever-changing market. Early adopters of cognitive computing capabilities include numerous organizations worldwide, across industries like healthcare, manufacturing, banking, insurance, retail, government and telecom. Valuable lessons can be learned from these cognitive pioneers, including critical success factors and the impact and implications of this next-generation capability on a company’s people, processes and policies.

Adopting a cognitive approach to discover new insights from the data available to you, whether inside or outside your firewall, can help all of your employees perform at the best of their abilities.

How businesses are partnering with Watson in the cognitive era

Watson helps break down the silos that occur naturally in organizations, creating seamless operations between the various functional groups and enabling them to work together from the same data corpus. With Watson, it's not about artificial intelligence; it's about augmented intelligence. Watson doesn't get smarter without us. We train the system to evolve its abilities, enabling it to become a natural extension of the organization.

Watson Explorer: The best partner for your cognitive journey

Empower you business with next-gen cognitive search and knowledge discovery. Watson Explorer is a unified information access and content analytics platform that reveals insights in all your structured and unstructured data, whether it lives in the cloud or on-premises. You can access, organize, analyze and intelligently take action on a holistic view of all the data available to improve customer service and decision-making across teams.

By fully leveraging Watson’s ability to mine both structured and unstructured data, Explorer helps employees, across teams, serve customers better, scale human expertise, drive ROI and remain competitive in a data-driven marketplace.

Users can find and understand the information they need, when they need it. Watson Explorer delivers all of these capabilities at the scale and speed required by today’s ever-increasing data volumes, all while maintaining the security and reliability demanded by global enterprises.

Watson Explorer integrates a depth and breadth of data and functionality to drive a company’s competitive transformation, along with a growing array of next-gen APIs that serve as the cognitive building blocks. Focused on distinct business outcomes, Watson Explorer offers vast and unsurpassed range of capabilities for harnessing the power of all data, anticipating customer needs, detecting hidden threats and outthinking competitors.

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