Solve your sales planning challenges


Your challenge
Spreadsheet-based plans are time-consuming, inefficient, and error-prone. Slow cycle times and lack of accountability reduce productivity and lower confidence in plan accuracy.

Our solution
Reduce cycle times for sales territory plans and for quota plans. Use sophisticated modeling to get faster insights and quicker rollout. Employ the familiar Microsoft Excel interface for faster adoption.


Your challenge
A misalignment between finance, marketing and sales could lead to investment in the wrong initiatives, missed opportunities, and inaccurate forecasts. This misalignment can severely hinder sales growth.

Our solution
Integrate and connect your teams to create a 360-degree view of data. This connection ensures an accurate and trusted view of sales forecasts, win/loss trends, and performance metrics to help increase revenue.


Your challenge
In a fast-moving market, manual processes and siloed systems are detrimental to agility. Decisions that are based on outdated information can lead to lost sales revenue and misguided sales strategy.

Our solution
Track and analyze sales performance in real time to immediately identify quota attainment gaps or to exploit new market opportunities. More easily modify sales plans to gain competitive market share.

Benefits of sales planning analytics

greater forecast accuracy


greater annual increase in sales quotas and average deal size


win rate, a 27% increase over non-adopters

Sales planning solution: IBM Planning Analytics

The IBM® Planning Analytics solution, powered by IBM TM1, is designed for fast, flexible and complete sales planning and analytics. Deployable on cloud or on premises, this sales and operations planning solution automates manual processes. Take action to simplify complex analytics and improve the communication of insights throughout your organization.

What our users are saying

“Thanks to Planning Analytics on Cloud, processes are much more automated and efficient from end to end.”

— Margaux Barradas-Brand, STA Travel

“Very useful: it can be as complex as your organization needs but very clear and easy to read.”

— Ricardo Aceves, Radius Intelligence

“I really like the flexibility of the tool. Makes it easy to use and develop.”

— William Buddle, Andean Life, LLC

Sales planning software use cases

Sales territory planning and quota planning

Design and manage sales territories and quota plans to minimize coverage gaps and quota-attainment risks. Continuously manage changes that occur within your organization, territories, products and customers to inform your revenue benchmarks.

Sales forecasting

Standardize your sales forecasting and pipeline reporting for your entire organization so that everyone involved has one real-time view. Create more-accurate forecasts in each territory and from each account so that you can see stronger quota-attainment results.

Sales capacity planning

Plan, model, and optimize sales capacity and resource requirements to make better decisions about territory planning and quota assignments. Identify resource gaps quickly so that you can connect sales-capacity needs with HR recruiting.

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