Let's drive security into the fabric of business, together

This year, more than any other, it's become critical that companies align security strategy to the business; integrate solutions that protect digital users, assets, and data; and deploy technology that can manage defenses against growing threats.

Join the third consecutive IBM Security Summit, now in digital format, to hear from cyber-security leaders and explore how IBM can help you design, build, and manage a security program that helps your business to be resilient and agile.

Ready to put security everywhere?

Security everywhere: Manage new cyber risks

Everything from new business models to rapid adoption of technology to regulations are pushing cybersecurity teams to find new, faster ways to shield their business and ensure privacy while accelerating growth. Infusing security everywhere business is done can enable growth while protecting against emerging and accelerating threats. Mary O'Brien will share client stories where IBM brought together the right people, process, and technology to accelerate business securely.

Manage accelerating threats to your IoT and OT investments

As organizations have transformed how business is done, our digital and physical world rapidly became more connected. Systems once far removed from the benefits of the internet are now part of a widening mesh of smarter, interconnected devices and systems. From power plant interruptions to endangering workers' lives, attacks on operational technologies (OT) and the Internet of Things (IoT) need to be mitigated and controlled. Learn how the IBM X-Force team and threat management framework is trusted by clients globally to help protect their connected environments.

Security Journey with IBM Garage

Join this discussion between Mike Spisak and Anthony Youhana to learn how to include security through enterprise design thinking and how IBM can help clients get unstuck.

Fear Fatigue, the New Normal, and [what this means for] the Future of Cybersecurity

If the posts in our social media feeds right now are anything to go by, fear breeds misinformation, and a heightened state of alert can be counterproductive to keeping us all safe. During the coronavirus pandemic to date, we have seen the virus used as a vector for phishing attacks, scams and influence operations. How do we move humans from "fear fatigue" to empowerment, and what does this mean for effective approaches to cybersecurity and workforce wellbeing?

Protect your growing remote workforce: Privileged Access Management with IBM Secret Server

80% of breaches involve a weak or stolen privileged credential. Now more than ever, the old methods of sharing & re-using admin credentials between people & teams are opening new avenues for criminals to exploit. Join Sam Hector & Vaughan Harper to find out how to provide remote employees the same access to sensitive systems as being in the office – securely, and with a robust audit trail.

Defending AI, extending AI

Every defense has a weakness and AI is no exception. Attackers can poison the data we train on, steal our computational models or even exploit the bias encoded into our tools. AI is too powerful, and too valuable, to allow these potential vulnerabilities to stop security teams from take advantage of using it. Learn how IBM's open source Adversarial Robustness Toolkit is advancing AI best practices and how you can apply them today.

Session & Abstract Speaker
Welcome & introduction Hossam Seif El-Din, GM, IBM Middle East & Pakistan
Keynote: Security everywhere: Manage new cyber risks

Mary O’Brien (Worldwide GM, IBM Security)

John Wheeler (BISO IBM Security and VP of Strategy & Innovation)

Manage accelerating threats to your IoT & OT investments

Spencer Ingram (VP, Global Managed Security Services)

Modernize Security with an Open Platform Justin Youngblood (VP, IBM Security)
Fireside chat: Security Journey with IBM Garage

Mike Spisak (Distinguished Engineer, Master Inventor, CTO for Security with IBM Garage, IBM Cloud & Cognitive)

Anthony Youhana (IBM Garage Practice Leader, IBM Cloud & Cognitive)

Overcoming COVID-19's Challenges Illyas Kooliyankal (Chief Information Security Officer, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank)
Being Resilient in Testing Times: Pakistan's perspective Jawad Khalid Mirza (Chief Information Security Officer, Askari Bank Limited)
Innovation at IBM 3 short sessions: Quantum, Cloud and AI

Sridhar Muppidi (VP and CTO, IBM Security)

J.R Rao (CTO Research, IBM Security)

Zero Trust Security

Salim Amoura  (Technical Sales Leader, IBM Security Saudi Arabia)

Fakhreddine Al Mourabiti (Information Risk and Protection Technical Leader, IBM Security)


Salim Amoura

Lead Security Manager, IBM KSA

Fakhreddine Mourabiti

Software Engineer and Data Security Specialist

Mary O’Brien

General Manager of IBM Security

Spencer Ingram

Global Vice President, Managed Security Services

Justin Youngblood

VP, R&D and Offering Management

Sridhar Muppidi

IBM Fellow and Chief Technology Officer

J.R. Rao

IBM Fellow and CTO, Research Security

Illyas Kooliyankal

Chief Information Security Officer
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Jawad Khalid Mirza

Chief Information Security Officer
Askari Bank Limited

Anthony Youhana

IBM Garage Practice Leader, IBM Cloud & Cognitive

Michael Spisak

Distinguished Engineer, Master Inventor
CTO for Security with IBM Garage
IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software