Manage risk

Strike the right balance between risk taking and commercial gain. Understand the potential impact of decisions using predictive models. Employ an integrated and comprehensive approach to managing operational risk and meeting regulatory requirements.

Balance risk and opportunity by analyzing more data faster

Educational institutions can identify and manage risks more effectively by analyzing large volumes of data faster. The University of California reduced the cost of risk by USD493 million by improving its enterprise risk information system.

Cost reduction

Reduced cost of risk by USD493 million


Returned USD35 million in insurance premiums to campus medical centers

Risk analytics solutions can help you balance risk and opportunity, and make more informed decisions based on risk analysis, insight and transparency.

The risk management solution we’ve built adds a new dimension to our ability to identify and analyze the potential effects of large-scale, serious incidents.

John Swallow, risk manager, Unum

Identify and manage operational risks proactively

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Transportation companies can use predictive analytics to reduce risks on the road by better understanding driver behavior. FleetRisk Advisors analyzed telematics data streaming from trucks to assess each driver for key risk factors, such as fatigue, and intervene before accidents occurred.

Fewer Accidents

Lowered the rate of severe accidents, such as rollovers and rear-end collisions, by 80 percent

Employee turnover

Helped clients reduce employee turnover rate by 30 percent, on average

IBM PureData System for Analytics simplifies and optimizes big data analysis, enabling very complex algorithms to run in minutes, not hours.

By analyzing patterns in data, companies can predict potential future outcomes and act with anticipation of either mitigating the risk exposure, or even capitalizing on opportunity.

Combating risk with predictive intelligence, IBM Institute for Business Value study

Reduce litigation and compliance risk with defensible disposal

Life sciences companies can support litigation efforts with a records management and retention process that focuses on keeping only the records they need for as long as they are needed. Novartis AG reduced litigation and compliance risk with defensible, routine disposal of unnecessary information.


Transformed management and retention from maturity level 1 to level 5, a 400% increase

Success rate

Improved disposition request success rate from 0.1% to 90%

The IBM Defensible Disposal solution can help you reduce information storage costs and better align business, legal and IT stakeholders by automatically disposing of information that is no longer of value to the business.

Understanding exposure is absolutely fundamental to any insurance company. With this new project, we will make exposure analysis into a capability that the whole business can access, so it becomes part of day-to-day business decision-making.

Shibu Joykutty, business intelligence leader, Westfield Group

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