New Business Models

Create new business models

Top performing organizations are using data and analytics to transform industries, monetize data and create new business models. Learn how industry leaders use big data and analytics to inform decisions about customers, processes and strategy, and uncover insights that drive innovation.

Create innovative products using new sources of data

Professional services organizations can apply advanced analytics to new digital data sources to provide clients with innovative products and services. nViso analyzes facial expressions to derive insights into customer emotions and help clients improve marketing efforts.


Uses new digital data sources to create services that were not possible before


Provides fresh insights into customer emotions using advanced analytics and modeling

IBM SPSS Analytic Catalyst makes analysis and discovery on big data more accessible to business users by presenting analyses visually and using plain language summaries.

Insights generated from big data have the potential to provide access to entirely new business propositions and revenue streams...

Analytics: Real-world use of big data in telecommunications,
IBM Institute for Business Value

Manage patients proactively by analyzing real-time data

Healthcare organizations can analyze thousands of data points streaming from patient monitors in real time to predict a crisis before it happens. The UCLA Department of Neurosurgery analyzes streaming data in the critical care unit to identify subtle signs of brain swelling and proactively treat patients.


Collects and analyzes thousands of data points per second streaming from patient monitoring equipment


Generates real-time alarms to see a crisis coming and treat it proactively

Stream computing solutions enable real-time descriptive and predictive analytics to be performed on rapidly changing data in motion so you can capture the time-value of data.

We are adopting new technologies, business processes, and thought processes in order to enable rapid change, growth and innovation within our business.

CEO of a leading professional services and technology business, U.S.
Insights from the Global C-suite Study: CEO perspective<

Offer innovative insurance policies based on telematics data

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Insurance providers can transition to a pricing model based on analysis of driver behavior and individual risk. Daimler FleetBoard – Mercedes Benz used an analytics-based telematics solution to offer an innovative insurance policy for commercial transportation fleets.


Access and analyze real-time logistics data from a variety of vehicle onboard sensors


Act on the data by customizing pricing models based on individual customer behavior

The IBM Solution for Analytics – Power Systems Edition delivers a high-performance and reliable solution for business intelligence and predictive analytics to help organizations transition to new business models.

Our engineers can use the data we track to develop optimal routes, which will enhance the appeal of public transport.

Silvester Prakasam, director of fare systems, Singapore Land Transport Authority

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