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Transform financial processes

The office of finance is no longer relegated to running reports and measuring results against key performance indicators. Today's CFO plays a leading role in strategically funding the strategies and operations of the business, and in selecting the KPIs that help organisations focus and drive to success. In fact, when asked to rank the importance of all their activities, respondents to the IBM Global CFO Study cited "providing inputs into enterprise strategy" as number one.

88% of CFOs sy their companies are counting on Finance`s advice in selecting key performance indicators

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Increase visibility, insight and control of financial performance (US)

Crucial to the CFO’s effectiveness in the boardroom is the ability to measure and monitor financial and operational business performance, anticipate gaps in that performance, analyse root causes and quickly assess alternatives—with insight and confidence.

Improve efficiency and gain business insight

Financial crises put increased pressure on finance leaders to be vigilant in the areas of accounting and compliance, while assuming larger roles in guiding the business. Enterprises demand greater breadth, depth and speed of insight—and Finance shoulders the burden.

Make smarter decisions by analysing performance and profitability (US)

Identifying what drives institutional success can lead to smarter decision making. You need to glean insight from essential tasks like variance analysis, scenario modelling, what-if analysis and analyses of your revenue streams, profit margins, cash flow and the full range of variables affecting financial performance.

Drive enterprise agility and make better decisions

Image: BD&A - Planning & performance management
Planning & performance management
Create plans and forecasts based on historical trends and future predictions, while aligning resources with profit and growth opportunities.

Image: BDA - Disclosure management and financial close
Disclosure management and financial close
Manage the last mile of finance by monitoring and automating the financial close process and disclosure to external constituents.

Image: BDA - Incentive compensation management
Incentive compensation management
Align your sales performance with your sales strategy by enabling new kinds of compensation plans that drive desired sales behavior.

Image: BD&A - Human capital management
Human capital management
Leverage data to maximize employee productivity and satisfaction, as well as to attract and retain the best employees.