Trust is the currency in the digital economy

The world is in the midst of a digital transformation that is having a profound effect on us as individuals, in business, and in society. As businesses adapt to capitalize on digital, trust will be the currency that drives this new economy. The new IBM® z14™ (z14) mainframe is the core of trusted digital experiences. It enables the ultimate protection for your data and simplifies compliance to regulations. With z14, you can apply machine learning to your most valuable data to create deeper insights. And z14 is designed to be open and connected in the cloud, enabling massive transaction scale of high volume encrypted workloads at low cost.

Trusted experiences

Data protection and compliance is a must. IBM z14 pervasive encryption provides the ultimate protection for your core corporate data and simplifies compliance to expanding regulations.

Smarter, faster insights

In the digital economy data is the differentiator. IBM z14 can rapidly derive actionable insights and enable progressively smarter decisions for better customer experiences and new revenue streams.

Stronger clouds

Your business must be open and connected in order to drive innovation at speed. IBM z14 can help you accelerate development and delivery of secure, scalable services with new economic models.

IBM z14 mainframe server features

  • Trust – the foundation of digital relationships
  • 100% encryption is 100% mainframe
  • Instant insights and machine learning
  • Lightning fast data access
  • New secure services with Java
  • A stronger platform for cloud
  • Blockchain with transparency and security
  • New software pricing tied to business value
  • Simplified administration – from anywhere
  • IBM Z® total solution financing

Product images

IBM z14 - left
IBM z14 - left
IBM z14 - front
IBM z14 - front
IBM z14 - right
IBM z14 - right

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