IBM Watson™ Virtual Agent is a set of preconfigured cognitive components based on the IBM Watson Conversation service. By configuring the virtual agent with your company's information, you can quickly implement an automated chat bot that converses with your customers to help them achieve their goals.

Watson™ Virtual Agent provides the following components:

  • A configuration tool that you can use to configure how you want the bot to respond to various types of requests.
  • A set of capabilities that represent common goals or actions that customers typically want to perform (such as "Pay my bill" or "Tell me your business hours").
  • A natural-language model trained to identify intents based on customer input.
  • A conversation dialog flow that can handle some complex requests by prompting for additional information, generate replies, and trigger events to be handled by your application. If the predefined dialog does not satisfy your needs, you can implement your own custom dialog using the Watson Conversation service tools.
  • A mechanism for augmenting the capabilities of the agent with custom capabilities that you define in a Conversation workspace and link to the agent.
  • A chat widget you can embed in your web page, and an SDK you can use to develop a custom chat widget.
  • A set of APIs you can use to integrate your application with the virtual agent.

Supported languages

Watson Virtual Agent is available in multiple languages. To read the product documentation in a supported language, click the associated Docs link.

Note: Product documentation translations are in Beta.

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