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Why is Flash Storage Exciting?

The right storage choice can help you support innovation across hybrid multicloud and on-premise environments, while dramatically lowering costs.

How Can You Prevent Data Breaches?

The lockdowns are causing a huge spike in data breaches – they are everywhere, and they are very costly - on average, each data breach costs $3.86 million.

Can We Store Data on an Atom?

In today’s rapidly changing world, you need to know if your business and its infrastructure are ready for the next challenge and whether they can compete with cloud.


IBM Systems has helped thousands of businesses redevelop their approach to streamline processes and maximise wins. Discover some examples to see how your business can benefit.

Unlocking the Secrets of the Ocean

We know little about most of the ocean. To change that, ProMare is building an autonomous ship for scientific research, based on IBM’s AI and edge solutions.

Using Technology to Make a Difference

How do we make the world a better place? Investors in Community built a platform based on IBM LinuxONE and blockchain to help companies manage CSR impact.

Addressing the Global Chronic Disease Crisis

Nightingale Health used IBM Cloud Object Storage to develop its pioneering blood analysis technology that helps predict the risk of a person developing diseases.


Innovation is at the heart of what IBM does, and businesses must look to the future to stay ahead of the curve. Here, we celebrate innovation with topics that keep your finger on the pulse.

Lessons Covid-19 Teaches Us About the Future of IT and Beyond

A summary of lessons for obstacles that arise in the future - in the context of what lies ahead for IT in the coming months and years.

Innovate or Die: Uncovering the Right Data

Is data the new oil? Yes, for those who invest wisely. When you invest in data, its storage, its management and its analysis, you’re investing in innovation.

Get Smarter with Data to Achieve Innovation

Data is growing exponentially. Being smarter with our data means being strategic about where it is stored, how it’s stored, and how it’s accessed.


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2019 IBM Corporate Responsibility Report

IBM has always taken the long view — grounding our business and strategy in values that endure decades of change and guide our work to define responsible stewardship in the digital age.

Why Is IT Infrastructure The Powerhouse of Business Continuity?

The current climate is revealing the pivotal shift in the role of IT infrastructure for long-term business success.

Powering IT Strategy Beyond COVID-19

How can the right IT infrastructure fuel business success beyond COVID-19?

Digital Asset Custody conversations

We have invited Fintech CEOs and other industry experts to talk to us about their journey to developing digital asset custody solutions and services – join us in these conversations!

Future-proof your skills

Stay up-to-date and connected.

What IT Infrastructure Do You Need For AI?

The two primary requirements for any organization wanting to move towards a more automated and intelligent approach to doing business.

Is AI and Deep Learning a Climate Change Threat?

By Florin Manaila, Senior IT Architect for Cognitive Systems, IBM Europe

Confronting the Coronavirus

The latest news on IBM's efforts to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as IBMer stories.

IT Infrastructure Blog

Expert point of view on IT Infrastructure

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