Data and AI on IBM Z — insight on an enterprise scale

At the core of innovation and transformation is data. You have decades of enterprise data within your transactional systems on IBM Z®. This unique combination of data represents information about your clients and business that only your organization possesses. Data and AI on IBM Z helps you take advantage of that data in a resilient, security-rich environment — at the point of customer interaction. Convert your valuable enterprise data into opportunity, and opportunity into revenue.


Enterprise analytics and machine learning offerings to drive innovation and transformation

IBM Db2 for z/OS

An enterprise data server for business-critical transactions and analytics

IBM Db2 tools for z/OS

Utilities and tools to maximize database performance and availability, reduce cost and simplify data management

IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator

A workload-optimized appliance to integrate analytic insights into operational processes

IBM Watson Machine Learning for z/OS

A machine-learning solution that infuses continuous intelligence throughout your enterprise


A zero-footprint, mobile-enabled and highly secure business-analytics solution with visual reports and dashboards

IBM Data Virtualization for z/OS

A data management solution that provides applications with the ability to access, update and join mainframe data with other enterprise data in real time — virtually, using modern APIs

IBM Open Data Analytics for z/OS

A solution designed to simplify data analysis by integrating key open-source analytics technologies with advanced data access and abstraction services

IBM IMS™ (information management system)

The most-secure, highest-performing and lowest-cost hierarchical database management software for online transaction processing (OLTP)


Webcast: Insight at the Point of Interaction

Discover how you can take advantage of a full portfolio of IBM technologies to use your unique data for competitive advantage.

Webcast: Db2 12 for z/OS Migration Planning and Early Experiences – Part 1

Get a technical overview of Db2 12 for z/OS, which covers performance enhancements for traditional and modern workloads and application-enablement enhancements.

Webcast: Unlock Your Data to Gain Powerful Insight

Hear actual client use cases that enable an enterprise-reporting platform and analytics hub on IBM Z.

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Learn how to transform your engagement applications with machine learning and enhance the ROI of your machine-learning efforts.

Client success

Baldor builds world-class real-time manufacturing capabilities

Baldor Electric Company deploys IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator, integrated with SAP solutions on the IBM Z platform, to help extract even greater value from existing infrastructure, processes and skills.

Db2 12 for z/OS — catch the wave early and stay ahead

Db2 12 for z/OS has arrived. Catch the wave early and stay ahead of the competition with faster analytics, greater scalability and speed for the mobile era. Gain significant CPU savings, in-memory database performance and more.

Pennsylvania DOT keeps millions of citizens on the move

Working with IBM, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) replaced time-consuming, inefficient manual processes with advanced autonomic maintenance — keeping its mission-critical database environment running smoothly.