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Scale the impact of generative AI with trusted models, data and governance
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Empowering businesses and unleashing growth opportunities with responsible AI

Generative AI is moving from experimentation to production. In this session, learn how to create business value with responsible AI using watsonx™, an AI and data platform for generative AI and machine learning. With watsonx, you can train foundation models with your own trusted data and apply governance and guardrails, empowering you to use AI responsibly across business processes, streamlining key workflows and managing compliance with a multitude of emerging AI regulations. Learn from examples of how IBM® enables various businesses to multiply the impact of responsible AI and seize new opportunities for growth. ​


o   Dinesh Nirmal, Senior Vice President, Products, IBM Software, IBM

o   Ritika Gunnar, General Manager, Product Management, Data and AI, IBM

o   Elías Zamora Sillero, Chief Data Officer, Sevilla FC

o   Toomas Römer, VP of Engineering, Bolt

o   Howie Liu, Cofounder/CEO, Airtable

o   Mrinal Manohar, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Casper Labs


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CEOs of leading organizations continue to use AI for business, and for good reason. IBM® watsonx™, an AI and data platform with a set of AI assistants, is an AI technology that can help you scale and accelerate the impact of AI with your trusted data across your business. Learn how you can take advantage of watsonx to optimize your workloads, streamline your workflows and empower your teams to make use of data at scale.


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