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Known issues for IBM Tivoli Netcool/Impact



This document details significant Known issues for IBM Tivoli Netcool/Impact


Note: All significant known issues found since Q3 2022 are included in this document.  For other issues consult the Netcool/Impact Release Notes which provides links to all Fix Packs
Other useful places to search for issues are
Problem Summary Release Found In Release Fixed In

Secondary server fails to start when replicating hibernated policies from Primary

7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0026 7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0028 has enhanced logging to help
Snowflake disappears from JazzSM for Impact SSO 7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0026 7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0028
Impact Connections staying in CLOSE_WAIT 7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0028
7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0029 partial fix with IJ44672. Full fix with IJ45905 in 7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0030

Full Netcool/Impact FP28 Install, with NOI extensions, does not perform NOI ImpactDB Derby database changes

7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0028 7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0029

CNEA Synthetic parents are processed by on-prem Event Analytics pattern processing

7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0023 7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0029 APAR IJ44948
Maintenance Windows issues 7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0027 7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0028
EventManagementAnalytics project for Probable Cause is missing on upgraded NOI 1.6.6 full cloud systems
7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0027 7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0028

Columns missing for on-prem Event Analytics NOI Extensions

7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0026 handles this with Health Checker updates

On-prem Event Analytics Additional Event Types revert to default names after Fix Pack update

7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0019 7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0024
jrexec fails after upgrading to FP27 or FP28
7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0029 APAR IJ44699
FP28 fails on LDAP systems 7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0028 (original) 7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0028 (updated on 11th Jan to include APAR IJ44645)
Impact pods on OCP stop communicating with Microsoft Active Directory LDAP server NOI 1.6.5 NOI 1.6.8 has a fix delivered for this issue.

Failure upgrading to Netcool Impact Fix Pack 28 (7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0028) with FIPS-compliant mode enabled

7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0028 7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0029 APAR IJ45610

OutOfMemory error on the Impact GUI server, because of too many Derby daemon threads

7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0016 7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0030 APAR IJ45801
On-prem Event Analytics "Connection Refused" displayed in the Configure Analytics Wizard (Tech note and Known Issue DT243186) 7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0028 7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0032 APAR IJ48822

Unable to open Dashboard Operator View in JazzSM

7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0021 7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0030
Pattern missing from Event Anayltics UI (on-prem) N/A Documentation
Netcool/Impact REST API returns incorrect content type (atom+xml) for plain text responses 7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0032 or before 7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0033
WSInvokeDL Function does not always load the default Impact Certificate store 7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0030 7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0033 APAR IJ49368
Netcool/Impact datasets for DASH stop working after deploying the AIOps to Impact connector
7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0031 7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0033 APAR IJ49120
Filter issue for Data Items when querying using 'LIKE' statements. 7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0030 7.1.0-TIV-NCI-FP0032 APAR IJ48576
Certificate Popup from Impact Server Certificate during DASH login with Chrome (DT270465) Affects Chrome v121+ Planned for Q2 2024 release of JazzSM

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