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IBM i 7.4 - TR10 Enhancements


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IBM i 7.4 -
Enhancements timed with
Technology Refresh 10 (TR10)
 Continuous i        

Note: The announcement materials for IBM i 7.4 TR10 can be found here.
The remainder of this landing page intends to make it easy to see the supporting details for these enhancements.


Db2 for i Enhancements 
Note: The following Db2 for i enhancements are delivered by Db2 for i PTF Group SF99704 Level 28.
Db2 for i - Functional enhancements

IBM i Services (new)

IBM i Services (enhanced)

Db2 for i - Database Engineer (DBE) Services (new)

Db2 for i - Database Engineer (DBE) Services (enhanced)

Db2 Mirror for i

New improvements for usability, serviceability, and performance.  See here for more details.

IBM Navigator for i Enhancements 
Note: The following enhancements are delivered by HTTP PTF Group SF99662 level 35.  For more details, see the IBM Navigator for i PTF details page.
  • GUI framework upgraded to Angular 17.
  • Uses updated JTOpen Toolbox 20.0.7 (5770SS1) - also in HTTP group.
  • GUI node authentication updates.
  • Progress Bars - Improved readability and sizing.
ARE - Administration Runtime Expert
  • Web Administration for IBM i - initial functions now available in Navigator
    • View Logs
    • View and edit configuration files 
  • NFS Export functions implemented
  • VPN - more enhancements to tables and wizard
Work Management
  • Enhancements to Scheduled and Prestart Jobs
  • Continued deployment of Advanced Job Scheduler (AJS) functionality
  • Copy Printer (create using New Based On)
  • History Log - pre-filter for “Include” added
  • Software License Tier added to System Status page
Configuration & Service
  • New PTF_INFO fields are new supported on the PTF table
My Work
  • My Printer Output - added pre-filter to improve performance
File System
  • IFS enhancements to the "Navigate to" field
  • Change permission of owned objects and column handling improvements
Performance Data Investigator (PDI)
  • New field for VCPU delays (JBVPDLY) and update to perspectives to provide this data
Users & Groups
  • Users - pre-filter improvement
  • Launch to favorites, saved filters, and improvements to sort handling

    IBM Rational Developer Studio - 5770 WDS RPG
    RPG - The RPG language continues its journey as a modern business language. 
    • New options for SND-MSG
      • New Message Types
        • *COMP - New, *DIAG - New, *ESCAPE, *INFO, *NOTIFY - New, *STATUS - New
      • New Targets
        • *CALLER , *CTLBDY - New, send to the activation group boundary,  *EXT - New, send to the external message queue, *SELF, *PGMBDY - New, send to the program boundary
    • Constant standalone fields & data structure 
      • CONST key word 
        • Supported for variables 
        • Supported for data structures 
      • Once initialized,  it cannot be modified by the program
    Additional Details can be found at the RPG Cafe.

    IBM i Remote System Explorer API
    Authenticate to an IBM i and Access Data /  Change things with REST
    • New Digital Certificate Management Services 
      • List, Import, Associate, update your certifies 
    RSE provides a REST only interface for accessing and working with your IBM i. 
    Latest details can be found on the RSE Web Site

    IBM i Access Client Solutions(ACS) V1.1.9.5
    ACS - the strategic interface for accessing the IBM i and managing & interacting with Db2 for i continues to be enhanced based on the requests and requirements of our user community. 

    Run SQL Scripts

    • Performance improvements to Content Assist                        
    • Enabled the copying of text from Job Log Viewer                  
    • When selecting files from PC, the List or Details view is saved
    • Connect to a different database using System Group view  
    • New Insert from Example

    Visual Explain

    •  Toolbar buttons for easier adjustment when analyzing queries
    •  Added actions to the diagram legend for changing settings
    •  The actions menu has been rearranged to differentiate between actions for entire graph and those of selected icon
    •  New option (icon) to show object system name
    •  New option (arrow) to show both estimated and actual rows
    •  Graph links with hover text that show all attributes
    •  User adjusted icon spacing is now saved


    •  Added actions to generate SQL Data Manipulation Language (DML) statements for tables and view (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE)
    •  Alias support for *LAST 

    Data Transfer

    •  Added option to automatically adjust columns when downloading to xls or xlsx files. 


    • Switch to a different system using System Group view

    Printer Output

    • Support switching to a different system

    5250 Display Emulator

    • Support for displaying the Host Code Page as part of the title:  Edit->Preferences->Appearance->Window Setup...     (or) as part of the watermark by using &CODEPAGE in the text field at: Edit->Preferences->Watermark...
    • Specify the initial macro from 5250 command-line plugin
    • Added configured Hardware Management Interfaces to the Actions menuandcan optionally be configured for the toolbar, pop-up keypad, and keyboard mapping.

    5250 Print Emulator

    • Enhance the Automatic Page Orientation for JPS printer sessions to be similar to the Automatic Page Orientation for GDI printer sessions

     Open Source Package Management

    • Added property for adjusting timeout


    • Added CHECKVERSION plugin
    • Optionally enable checking for updates when plugins are not launched from the main GUI
    • Optionally set the default URL for various Hardware ManagementInterfaces
    • Support additional configuration options from the command-line for System Groups and Hardware Management Interfaces
    Additional details and access to the latest support can be found on the IBM i Access - Client Solutions Page

            Hardware Enhancements
            IBM i 7.4 TR 10 supports new offerings from IBM Power Systems:
            • IBM Power S1012 server
            • BMC-based ASMI adds IBM i functions
            • #EN2Y and #EN2Z: PCIe 4-port 1 GbE Adapter

              Merlin The Modernization Engine for Lifecycle Integration (Merlin) 2.0.0 product extends software modernization capabilities.   Merlin
              With the creation of IBM i Modernization Engine for Lifecycle Integration (Merlin) 2.0.0, IBM has delivered a containerized cloud ready development ecosystem. It's transforming how IBM i native applications are developed by providing a complete development ecosystem to better suit the expectations of more recent development talent. Merlin is capable of replacing all aspects of existing source control management, developer IDE, and application build capabilities with a fully integrated modern approach that leverages the best from IBM and integrates some key additions from ARCAD. Merlin tools can make it easier for clients to use a combination of on-premises IT infrastructure and one or more clouds.

              Merlin 2.0.0 delivers the following benefits:

              • Provides a complete tool set to help IBM i native developers with refactoring, modernization, documentation, and exposing key business logic as Rest APIs and more
              • Offers an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) that manages containers in the development ecosystem as IBM i users have been working on for years.
              • An improved integration with the many key ARCAD tools like intelligent build, impact analysis, and fixed to free RPG transformation.
              • Merlin runs inside both Red Hat OpenShift (OCP) and Red Hat Single Node OpenShift (SNO), which protects your investment on IBM Power servers.
              • The IBM i Developer (IDE) is now based on and includes Code for IBM i, Source Orbit, and Db2 for i projects that provide new capabilities and better development experience for IBM i native languages.
              • IBM i program debug has been improved to add source entry point debugging capabilities.
              Details on Merlin and the latest updates can be found on the step by step documentation page. 

              IBM Backup and Recovery Media Services for i (BRMS)(5770-BR1)

              Backup, Recovery and Media Services for i (BRMS) continues to be enhanced and improved.

              • BRMS support for 3592-70F tape drives and media has been added.
              • BRMS has been enhanced to support software data compression for tape and virtual tape.
              • The BRMS PTFs that deliver these enhancements are as follows. The PTFs were released mid December, 2023.

              IBM i 7.3 - SI84874
              IBM i 7.4 - SI84875

              IBM i 7.5 - SI84876

              • Follow this link to discover more detail on these and other BRMS enhancements:


              IBM PowerHA® SystemMirror® for i (5770-HAS)

              IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for IBM i 7.4 with HA version 4.12.2 continues to evolve, featuring strategic integrations with the IBM i operating system and external SAN storage.

              IBM FlashSystem Asynchronous Policy-based Replication

              PowerHA has a long history of integrating with IBM Spectrum Virtualize-based storage, including IBM FlashSystem, with built-in native support for technologies including Metro Mirror, Global Mirror, LUN-level switching, and FlashCopy.

              With this enhancement, PowerHA adds integration with IBM Spectrum Virtualize asynchronous policy-based replication. PowerHA automatically detects if replication is configured with asynchronous policy-based or consistency-group-based replication, enabling the use of the same configuration and management commands with minimal changes to the user experience. In addition, it is possible to combine technologies, including LUN-level switching and PowerHA’s native FlashCopy integration and automation with policy-based replication.

              Enhanced Administrative Domain Integration

              The administrative domain in PowerHA synchronizes security and configuration-related objects across a PowerHA environment, including user profiles, so that changes to resources monitored by the administrative domain are automatically synchronized with the other nodes.

              The administrative domain now has the following enhancements:

              • Improved synchronization of resources when changes occur with adopted authority, reducing the need for manual intervention.
              • Support for synchronizing SNMPv3 attributes on printer device descriptions, including the SNMP user name (SNMPUSR) and SNMP context name (SNMPCNTX) attributes. Existing monitored resources in the administrative domain that previously monitored all attributes for printer device descriptions will automatically begin monitoring the new attributes after all nodes are updated to a PowerHA version supporting the new attributes.
              • The administrative domain makes it easy to add multiple user profiles based on selection criteria. This update simplifies the ability to omit IBM profiles when adding user profiles to the administrative domain. It is now also possible to add multiple user profiles in batch jobs with a new confirm parameter on the ADDCADMRE command to bypass the confirmation screens.

              PowerHA Modern Web Interface

              The PowerHA modern web interface with HA version 4.12.2 now provides the ability to perform several management operations, including the ability to perform the following types of operations:

              • Start and end cluster nodes
              • Administrative domain management, including:
                • Start and end administrative domains
                • Add and remove monitored resources
              • The ability to manage switchable environments, including the ability to:
                • Start and end cluster resource groups
                • Perform administrative switchovers and failovers
                • Manage replication sessions with the ability to suspend, resume, detach, and reattach replication.

              In addition, the web interface has improved customization that enables searching, sorting, filtering, and selecting columns for tables within the interface with the ability to see dynamic SQL code that will generate a similar view.

              PowerHA web

              PowerHA SQL Services
              PowerHA continues to provide additional SQL services as the strategic method of retrieving PowerHA information programmatically. In addition to providing the ability to see equivalent SQL queries for information presented via the web interface, HA version 4.12.2 adds the ability to retrieve HyperSwap status information via SQL.

              PowerHA SQL

              Additional Enhancements

              There are several other enhancements to PowerHA. For more information on these enhancements and to get started, see the IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for i documentation page.

              Planned availability date

              PowerHA 7.4 HA 4.12.2: June 14th, 2024

              Visual Studio Code (VsCode) -  Code for i extensions 
              There are many enhancements that have been made to IBM i extensions for VSCode, both by IBM and the community.  Examples of these updates:
              Code for IBM i
              • Improved debugging setup and support
              • Further workflow improvements for git support
              • Ability to download and upload multiple files
              • New, faster view to navigate source members
              • Run or explain statements directory from your embedded SQL
              • Extract to procedure
              • Refactor subroutine to procedure
              Db2 for IBM i
              • SELF codes view for easier debugging
              • Signature support for SQL procedures and functions
              • Visual Explain integration
              For more information about IBM i extensions, see Code for i Marketplace 

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