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The Submitted Job Tracker is an IBM i work management feature that tracks the lifecycle of submitted jobs for a user specified set of jobs queues.

The ADD_TRACKED_JOB_QUEUE procedure registers a job queue to be tracked by adding it to the Job Queue List (JQL). After a job queue has been registered, any jobs subsequently submitted to that job queue are tracked in a job tracking file. A user can use the information stored in the job tracking file to resubmit a job on the original node where the job was tracked or another node. The information in the job tracking file can help prepare for maintenance, recover from a node failure, or balance workload.


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Enhanced with IBM i 7.5 SF99950 Level 7 & IBM i 7.4 SF99704 Level 28:
  • Add more filters for CLEAR_TRACKED_JOB_INFO procedure
Enhanced with IBM i 7.5 SF99950 Level 5 & IBM i 7.4 SF99704 Level 26:

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