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Cognos Planning 10.1 Fix List

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A comprehensive list of defect corrections for major releases, refresh packs and fix packs of Cognos Planning 10.1.

Details of the APARs listed below can be accessed by clicking the link for the APAR number. If you have questions about a particular defect, please contact Customer Support.


Cognos Planning 10.1 Fix List

  • 10.1- selected tab,
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos 8 Planning 8.4.1.
Number Description
PK88349Dlink with fm package as source fails due to data type in package
PK89940Splash screen and progress bar can vanish
PK90053Japanese - only a last character is filled in Rich Client cell when entering double-byte word
PK90454When running an admin link against an oracle 10g pad, it fails to complete and throws an error.
PK91065Incorrect German umlauts in publish annotation table
PK91274Macro run history not present in Cognos Connection
PK91958MOVMED BIF doesn't function properly in Contributor
PK92511Users working inside a contributor application unexpectedly receive 'failed with response code 9'.
PK92627Links with items in the target side of allocation tables which do not exist in the target application fail or behave incorrectly
PK93337Error message in RCP client on Content Manager failover
PK93340Error when attempting to sort a dimension in the Rich Client web-grid
PK94004Contributor Rich Client validation error
PK94666Dlink based on an fm package, change the namespace in Framework Manager, the links become unuseable and you have to create new ones.
PK94719Right click on node in grid does not work for child item when multinode views are turned on.
PK94905Web client error message occurs when attempting to open an Elist item
PK95090You can not display or update comment added in .ppt format in Contributor Rich Client mode
PK95257Intermittent soap error when saving in grid
PK95469Automation error when navigating through grid cells in excel 2007
PK95768Export to Excel through wizard – User is not able to apply the selection for one common dimension to all the cubes in the list.
PK96092Client cannot attach an office document while it is open. Error appears document isn't attached but appears to be.
PK96686Dlist imports from packages fail if a null is included
PK96695Unable to print multi node views from Java grid
PK96832Columns with no header in Excel cause get data local links to fail
PK96838Synchronize does not update mapping on some Administration link elements based on allocation table
PK97188Unable to open multi Elist view.
PK97661Running Local links generates error using laminated column headings and dimensions in columns. Nested dimensions.
PK97833Japanese - Job that is assigned Cognos Administration Console macro fails when Japanese characters are used for the job name.
PK97919Error using FM package as a source in an admin link in a distributed environment
PK97931rights_cam_filter in the admin option table gets full
PK98051Action button assignment
PK98509Unable to use contributor applications with umlauts in BI: failed to get cube list. Failed to resolve pad connection.
PK98622Synchronize A-tables in admin link fails when the source is a Cognos package
PK98734Two users opening the same node near simultaneously causes one to fail
PK99130Inactivity timeout not working in builds 2116 and after
PK99155E-mail all option does not work on workflow screen in Active Directory and series 7 authentication
PK99364When a user belongs to a Planning Contributor user group and they want to send a email to the owner of the Elist they cannot.
PK99386Large randomly generated numbers cause crash
PK99757Illegal argument error when entering 0 and zero suppression activated
PK99840Analyst Dlink using fm as source doesn't import data when using SSL enabled dispatcher
PK99868Multinode - degradation of functionality from Classic Client to Rich Client
PM00340Contributor Excel Addin unacceptably slow to open when launched from excel using a screen reader
PM00561Analyst macro @dcubeinput when run from Cognos Administration Console macro does not push the data in analyst
PM00778Unable to send email notification after push submit button
PM01120Error during quick load of Excel
PM01515Right click node on left hand pane produces unknown error message
PM01641Error message in publish screen for applications assigned to a folder containing only numerical characters
PM01724Large number of connections cause Content Manager to tip over.
PM01795Dlink sometimes transfers incorrect dates
PM01923Cannot open attached document in .pdf form in the Rich Client only
PM01983Unable to open jpg or gif files attached to web grid
PM02040Appending data using Export to Excel with the new Rich Client.
PM03268GTP failure is user doesn't have access rights to the job Cluster/Server level.
PM03625ODBC links continually increase Dcube h2 size
PM03922Validation rule translations disappear after synchronizing with Analyst.
PM04037Opening a second Node / Elist item with Rich Client in Cognos Connection hangs.
PM04864Data is brought in formatted as opposed to underlying number
PM05170After installed BI 8.4 FP2 when opening a planning cube in bi studios throws error: pca-err-0001
PM05214New Elist item added in Contributor, Rights assigned, FM Model update. Security filters do not show the updated Elist / Rights.
PM05247Incorrect behaviour of hidden columns in multi-node views
PM05274Analyst fails to start when Controller is started first
PM05461Translation into Swedish not correct for Sort Descending
PM05794Script catching error appearing on workflow page when user is working in the grid
PM05845Manual changes to a large Elist results in an error and changes are not saved.
PM05916Select all planners setting for table publish does not persist
PM06104Force to zero on page dimension causing problems with Export to Excel
PM06150Dimension reverts back to top level after save in Rich Client grid
PM06587Dlink crashes when multiple source records target one text formatted cell
PM06872Quick load takes a very long time to import an Excel spreadsheet when it includes calculated columns.
PM07197If a username contains an apostrophe you cannot open any Elist item in Contributor web client
PM07271html code in the Contributor web help causes an error when navigating the tree
PM08445Analyst macro step @dlinkopen makes Contributor macros fail with automation error
PM08572STOCKFLOWAF BIF does not function correctly in Contributor
PM09098Error may occur if a link loop exists in the model
PM09299Generate FM model hangs at adding datasource to Cognos Connection stage
PM09978One macro cancels when executing 2 Analyst macros at the same time in Cognos Connection
PM10159Specific characters not displayed correctly when doing incremental publish
PM10842Intermittent com object method error when clicking on system links
PM10869Analyst print function for a-tables
PM10927Stability -- post GTP jobs fail intermittently
PM11605With data deployment imported with an unknown namespace tab will not open in Rich or Classic Client
PM12051Annotation text files do not get deleted from user temp directory
PM12393APL core error when running generate Framework Manager Model
PM12651Unable to delete migrated annotations
PM13361Execute command line failure
PM13410Overflow error accessing translations
PM13640Opening PowerPoint presentation attached to the commentary causes an error.
PM13771Get Data from excel file fails: the source was in an invalid format
PM14710Error selecting help/about contributor from web grid.
PM16165"an error occurred inside the planning service" when using many fast CPU’s and short polling intervals
PM17996Rich Client - Export for Excel reports with cell formatting in Excel are overwritten on refresh
PM19965Table Publish fails when DB2 setting Logarchmeth1 to TSM or disk

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