Announcing new features for B2B Integrator 6.0 and File Gateway 6.0

  • Docker cloud containers to reduce installation time from hours to minutes
  • RESTful APIs for seamless integration with partners and emerging technologies
  • Global Mailbox for high availability operations

B2B and EDI connectivity, process automation and transaction intelligence

Your B2B ecosystem is critical to the performance of your business – and the demands on that value chain continue to increase. 

By modernizing your B2B connectivity you can meet the ongoing demands of the business – while reducing costs and complexity.


What is the future of EDI and B2B integration?

Download this IBM whitepaper to learn how your peers are modernizing their B2B integration.

Global Mailbox 6.0

Learn how you can ensure high-availability of B2B operations with Global Mailbox 6.0.

B2B Integration offerings

B2B Integrator

Consolidate all B2B and EDI integration and processing on a single, secure gateway.  Centralize the on-boarding and management of your trading partner community.

Supply Chain Business Network

AI capability: Business transaction

Simplify B2B connectivity and leverage AI document correlation technologies for deep visibility into B2B transaction lifecycles. Reduce time to value by up to 85 percent with the ability to search and see the full lifecycle of a transaction in real time and in context of the entire transaction.

Transformation Extender

This solution enables your organization to integrate industry-based customer, supplier and business partner transactions across the enterprise.

Partner Engagement Manager

Simplify business partner and supplier on-boarding and collaboration with this open, extensible SaaS-based solution that provides better visibility into activities, costs and performance.

Global Mailbox

Address demands for high-availability operations and redundancy with secure and reliable data storage across geographically distributed locations.

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