As a Passport Advantage Online customer you have secure access to Passport Advantage Online which provides you with the latest program information plus access to a wide array of tools to help you manage your Passport Advantage accounts.

Software download and media access -- allows you to obtain product upgrades that are covered under Software Subscription and Support. These licenses can be downloaded or ordered on physical media (e.g.CD). Within the 'Find downloads and media' view, you can manage eNotification, download and media preferences:

Purchase and renewal -- allows you to purchase new licenses and renew your existing Software Subscription and Support and Fixed Term licenses

Shopping cart -- allows you to view the contents of your shopping cart

Reporting -- generate reports of your account activity; these reports may be viewed online and/or downloaded

Entitlements -- Proof of Entitlement (“PoE”) – the document in which IBM specifies an Eligible Product’s level of authorized use. The PoE, supported by Customer’s matching paid invoice or receipt, is evidence of Customer’s level of authorized use.

Account Management

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding the program

Need Assistance -- worldwide contact information for our eCustomer Care team