Passport Advantage Online (PAO) for Customers is a secure Web-based tool that provides authorized users with access to Site-specific data and a wide array of tools to manage Passport Advantage transactions and account information. 

Access privileges are managed by a Site Primary Contact.  To request access, click Sign in, enter (or create) your IBM ID and PW, complete the Self-nomination form and submit. Once your access is approved, sign in PAO to:

Download software and request media -- allows you to download newly purchased software and updates to entitled software covered by Software Subscription and Support. You may also order physical media and set eNotification, download and media preferences:

Purchase and renewal -- allows you to purchase new licenses and renew your existing Software Subscription and Support and Term licenses

Shopping cart -- allows you to view the contents of your shopping cart

Reporting -- generate reports of your account activity; these reports may be viewed online and/or downloaded

Entitlements -- Proof of Entitlement (“PoE”) – the document in which IBM specifies an Eligible Product’s level of authorized use. The PoE, supported by Customer’s matching paid invoice or receipt, is evidence of Customer’s level of authorized use.

Account Management