Explore the video links below to get the most from your entitled Passport Advantage Online (PAO) experience.

  • Passport Advantage Online (PAO) is your organization’s private domain within IBM. Authorized users can sign in to download software, request media, set notification preferences, purchase new licenses, renew IBM Software Subscription and Support, manage entitlements, generate and view reports and manage account access, roles and privileges.

  • If you purchase new software licenses, renew IBM Software Subscription and Support, download software or request media, manage entitlements or have reporting responsibilities, you may need access to Passport Advantage Online (PAO). In some instances, you may be granted access automatically by your Site Primary Contact. In others, however, you will need to request access.

  • Walk through the Software Download and Media Access process from start to finish. Learn how to download updates to your entitled software and take advantage of new features, functions, innovations and security enhancements available in the latest version or release of your IBM software.

  • As the Site Primary Contact, you are responsible for activating any new PAO Site and for managing access to existing Sites. Learn what you’ll need to do to sign in to PAO for the first time and how you can name up to 4 Secondary Contacts to share Account Management responsibilities.

  • Learn about the role and responsibilities of the Primary Contact including how the Primary Contact names Secondary Contacts and grants PAO access to users

  • Managing access to your organization’s Passport Advantage Online Site is essential to ensuring the privacy and security of your online data. If you are your Site’s Primary or a Secondary Contact with Account Management privileges, learn how to add and delete users, assign roles and grant specific privileges to govern what others in your organization can do within PAO.

  • Maintaining accurate contact information within Passport Advantage Online is the responsibility of the Site Primary Contact and any Secondary Contacts granted Account Management privileges. It is essential to ensuring Site security and usability. Watch to learn more.

  • Get step-by-step instructions to renew your S&S via Passport Advantage Online.

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