Passport Advantage (PA) and Passport Advantage Express  (PAE) are comprehensive IBM programs by which Clients may order Eligible Products (EPs).

Revised International Passport Advantage Agreement (IPAA) and the International Passport Advantage Express Agreement (IPAEA) available 01 February 2023. Go to What you should know about revised Passport Advantage Agreements to learn more.


Under both the IBM Passport Advantage and Passport Advantage Express programs clients may:

  • Acquire Eligible Products (EPs) including IBM software (both non-expiring and term) licenses, CEO (Complete Enterprise Option) Product Categories, Software Subscription and Support, Cloud Services, Appliances and Appliance Services, and selected third party offerings subject to third party terms.
  • Renew IBM Software Subscription and Support, subscription and term licenses, Cloud and Appliance Services.
  • Buy and renew technical support for Selected Open Source and other non-warranted applications.

While both programs use a common set of Agreements, processes and tools, there are differences between them.

Passport Advantage & Passport Advantage Express comparison

Passport Advantage Passport Advantage Express
Ideal for larger and multi-site, multinational enterprises Designed for smaller, single site enterprises
Relationship based Transaction based
Enrollment required No enrollment
Relationship Suggested Volume Pricing (RSVP) Suggested Retail Pricing (SRP)
One annual S&S renewal date (for most offerings) synchronized to a single Anniversary date S&S renewal dates aligned to initial purchase date, not a single annual Anniversary date
Manage multiple Sites under one Agreement Single Site management only
Point Aggregation No point aggregation
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