The new standard for secure infrastructure

The landscape of IT infrastructure is changing. The data of day-to-day business now moves to, from, and between clouds. New vulnerabilities are emerging even as cyber-attacks become more sophisticated by the minute. That’s why today’s IT security must be data-centric – an airtight perimeter with the power to encrypt, protect and recover data without disruption.

The key elements of infrastructure security in a multi-cloud world

As you move more workloads to the cloud, IBM IT infrastructure offers the simplest, most robust solutions to ensure privacy and secure your application, database and cloud service data.

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Encryption and cloud security

Nearly 5 million records are stolen per day, yet only 40% of all data stored in the cloud is secured with encryption and key management solutions.[1] Breaches – and the damage they cause – can be avoided when you encrypt 100% of your data.

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Data protection and backup

New threats to your data are emerging at an alarming rate. To fully protect your business and customers from these new threats, you need to consider recovery as well as prevention.


Changes to data protection and privacy regulations require updates to technology, policies and processes. You need the tools and capabilities to act quickly and stay in compliance.

Encryption protects your reputation and data against cyber-threats

The odds of a data breach are rising – now up to a 28% likelihood within 24 months[2]. With IBM, your platforms, clouds and data are protected by the industry’s most advanced and complete encryption technology.

Encrypt 100% of your apps, cloud services and data on the IBM mainframe

Long known for being the industry’s most secure enterprise platform, IBM Z® is the only platform to offer complete encryption of all application and cloud service data – whether at rest or in flight, application or database, with no application changes.

Meet the #1 Linux server for secure cloud

Protect your data against internal and external threats – including privileged users – with the unique IBM Secure Service Container technology, pervasive encryption, and workload isolation. The IBM LinuxONE™ platform is designed to ensure that trust and compliance are never compromised.

Build a secure bridge to every cloud

Data encryption can be highly effective as a data threat prevention strategy, especially in multi-cloud environments. IBM Multi-Cloud Data Encryption protects data from misuse and ensures compliance.

An integrated approach to data management, backup and recovery

The transition to cloud brings greater complexity to the data protection equation. To weather the change, you need a comprehensive data protection architecture that addresses growth, enables next gen apps and protects your virtual environments.

Protect your data wherever it resides

IBM simplifies the backup and recovery of data hosted in physical, virtual, software-defined or cloud environments.

Introducing the first cloud services with mainframe-level data protection

The IBM Cloud Hyper Protect family includes four new services that are made possible by bringing IBM Z into IBM global public cloud data centers.

Explore a comprehensive catalog of IBM Security solutions

From risk management and insider threat protection to cognitive fraud detection, IBM Security combines the power of security and intelligence expertise in one framework.


Security on IBM Z – Helping Citibank stay ahead of the accelerating threat landscape

See how Citibank uses pervasive encryption on the IBM mainframe to protect their data and customer relationships.

IBM Z: A Design Thinking Approach to Security

Learn more about pervasive encryption from the people who designed the user experience.

Data security threats: Staying ahead of the curve

Learn the latest strategies for contending with malware and ransomware, taking an offensive approach to security, and practicing good data backup hygiene.


[1] "The 2018 Global Cloud Data Security Study," Cloud Governance and Security Research | Gemato & Ponemon Institute, 2018 (link resides outside

[2] "2017 Cost of Data Breach Study," Ponemon Institute, June 2017

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