Grow your skills with IBM CloudLabs — no cost, no credit card

IBM CloudLabs offers interactive browser-based training for deploying and operating one no-cost cluster on IBM Cloud® Kubernetes Service for up to four hours. No downloads or configuration required. Learn how to master the skills you need to run an enterprise cloud today.

How to get started

Learn how to deploy and manage applications on IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service

Step 1

Create a no-cost IBM Cloud account (no credit card required).

Step 2

Complete the Kubernetes tutorial coursework.

Step 3

Put your knowledge to the test and earn a certification badge after passing a quiz.

Kubernetes certification coursework

Complete each lab to earn your Kubernetes certification badge

Want to experiment a little longer?

Get one IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service cluster at no charge for 30 days when you authenticate your account with a credit card.

Need more Kubernetes education?

Dive into the complete guide to Kubernetes and understand how the ecosystem is evolving.