Putting quantum to use in chemistry and financial services

Join Jamie Garcia — Senior Manager of Quantum Applications, Algorithms and Theory— and learn about how quantum computers are being put to use today in chemistry and financial services, as well as the intractable industry problems we expect them to solve tomorrow.

The resources you need to shape your quantum future

IBM continues to deliver the most advanced quantum technology available for business and science. Watch this session to learn about the latest work being done by the IBM Quantum team to make quantum computers widely usable, accessible and reliable, all on the IBM Cloud.

Quantum starts here

As many organizations start to work with quantum computers, how do you decide if it’s time for your business to get started? Watch Katie Pizzolato, Director of IBM Quantum Strategy and Client Engagement, discuss why and how to start your quantum journey today.

Meet the quantum pioneers

In this session you will meet visionaries across industries, startups, governments and academia and learn about the problems they are working to solve today with quantum computers.