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Creating business agility with IBM Power®


Get cloud economics on flexible infrastructure

Respond and scale quickly with consumption-based pricing solutions. Subscription-based, pay-per-use, and pay-as-you-grow solutions offer transparency in pricing and capacity planning so you can get more from your IT budget and meet demand.


Find solutions tailored to your needs with a choice of pricing models.


Efficiently scale up and down with fully activated capacity.


Run on the most comprehensive and reliable IT infrastructure.

Subscription-based infrastructure solutions

Gain flexibility and maintain security with cloud-like solutions

Storage as a Service* (STaaS)

Preserve cash flow and gain cloud-like agility with this subscription-based offering.

Power co-located with IBM Cloud

Extend IBM Power® and gain flexibility with pay-as-you-use billing.

Secure services for cloud infrastructure

Have full control over sensitive data, workloads and encryption keys.

Pay-per-use solutions

Pay for capacity as you use it to align with costs with usage

Flexible, cross-stack pricing for IBM Z

Usage-based and full-capacity licensing offer price predictability.

Elastic capacity for IBM Power

Optimize IT costs with flexible consumption for capacity planning.

Storage capacity on demand

Prepare for growth but pay for storage capacity only as you consume it.

Pay-as-you-grow solutions remove budget obstacles

Align payments to workloads for agility and flexibility

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*Storage as a Service is available in select regions.