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IBM Quantum
Summit 2023

Welcome to the era of utility

The quantum community is growing. More users are leveraging quantum as a tool to do research beyond the abilities of brute-force classical computation. They plan to use our systems as tools to help advance a variety of use cases.
This means that our hardware, software, and services have to be powerful enough to meet their needs, and simple enough to integrate into existing workflows. During this year’s IBM Quantum Summit, we unveiled a new suite of tools to simplify the work of utility-era 100+ qubit quantum executions. Additionally, we revealed Heron, the most advanced quantum processor in the world, accompanied by a roadmap aimed at achieving error-corrected quantum computing by 2029.
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The IBM Quantum System Two

Introducing IBM Quantum System Two and the 133-qubit Heron processor

Useful quantum computing requires systems that can run as many gates as possible within the coherence times of a qubit. Heron, our flagship chip, is engineered for exactly that purpose.
Using a new IBM technology, tunable couplers, Heron virtually eliminates crosstalk errors that emerge when neighboring qubits interfere with one another. Thanks to this development, Heron can run 1800 gates within the coherence times of its qubits; nearly four times the number of gates as Eagle. That means that Heron is now our lowest-error, highest-performing processor yet.
Additionally, IBM Quantum System Two, our modular, extensible architecture for the future of quantum computing, will debut in 2024 with three coupled Heron processors.
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Close up render of the IBM Quantum Heron chip
Inside look at an IBM Quantum data center

New software, new breakthroughs

Qiskit 1.0
According to the Unitary Fund Survey 2023, a majority of quantum developers (68.8%) use Qiskit. The upcoming Qiskit 1.0 release is focused on stability, reliability, and performance in programming and memory usage. We also showcased new demonstrations and concepts for AI tools to help write and optimize quantum programs. Qiskit 1.0 is planned for Q1 2024.
A new execution mode
Our new Batch execution mode allows multi-job workloads to be submitted all at once, pre-compiled in parallel, and efficiently threaded for execution. Optimizing traditionally batch workloads has led to up to 5x speedup.
Qiskit Patterns
Qiskit Patterns is a framework designed to help users build utility scale workflows. Each pattern comprises four steps: mapping, optimizing, executing, and post-processing. This framework maximizes composability with existing software ecosystems and guides users to better leverage collections of capabilities within each of the 4 steps.
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The new IBM Quantum roadmap

A new era means a new emphasis on gate depth in addition to physical qubit counts. Our expanded roadmap details the development that will allow us to offer processors capable of running circuits with 15K gates in the next five years.
This year, we’ve added a new dimension to our roadmap: the innovation roadmap, calling out key advances required to bring about error-corrected quantum computing at scale. This year, we demonstrated Condor, our 1,121-qubit concept processor that pushes scale to the limit. Next year, we’ll build l- and m-couplers with Flamingo and Crossbill, and in 2026, c-couplers with Kookaburra. These new breakthroughs will put us on course for an error-corrected quantum system running 100 million gates by 2029 and a billion gates by 2033.

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Keynote: Entering the Era of Quantum Utility

Learn more about the technology that will enable discovery in this new era, including progress along our development roadmap.

Driving Performance for the Tools of Utility

As we find more problems to explore at utility scale, we must also evolve our products and services to support these large workloads.

Laying The Groundwork for Quantum-Powered Use Cases

Watch client and partner demos of how we are using utility-scale quantum processors to solve harder, more interesting problems.

Toward Business Value with Quantum

Learn more about our offerings and how we are growing an industry around quantum with our clients and partners.

Exploring Utility through Collaboration

See how collaborations with working groups are helping to unearth the most pressing use cases and needs for utility-scale quantum computing.

Computing Responsibly In The Era of Post-Quantum Cryptography

Learn how IBM Quantum Safe technology is equipping clients to take control of their quantum risk posture.

The Software Turbocharging Quantum System Performance

In this session, watch cutting edge demonstrations of quantum software that highlights the intersection between software, quantum hardware and AI.

Building Toward Quantum-Centric Supercomputing

See how we have evolved our hardware and innovation roadmap with ambitious plans for scaling quantum technology.

Closing Remarks

Watch the recap of the 2023 IBM Quantum Summit.

Jay Gamebetta presenting the Keynote