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IDC MarketScape report names IBM a quantum computing 'Leader,' projects dramatic industry growth. Read the excerpt

Quantum for Business

Global businesses are readying themselves today for the era of quantum computing. See how our industry experts prepare our clients to use this technology for competitive advantage.

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New research suggests useful applications for IBM quantum computers


This is a rare window of opportunity

Quantum computing is not an incremental technology. It is the kind of step change that comes along once in a century, and that change is approaching faster than we thought possible even a few years ago.

Businesses that become early adopters during this window will have an immediate advantage when it comes time to turn this technology into commercial value.

IBM Quantum is your partner in getting ready. We have the expertise, educational tools, and unmatched quantum technology to help you chart your path to quantum value in your industry.

Why now

Why now?

Access plans

Access quantum

There are three ways to access IBM Quantum systems and services, scaled to meet the needs of all kinds of users. Choose the plan that fits your quantum needs.

Open Plan

via IBM Quantum

About this plan

Run your quantum circuits for free on real quantum systems. Sign up to get an API token and take advantage of feature-rich tools.

Best for

  • Educators
  • New learners
  • Developers with smaller workloads

Available systems

  • 7-qubit and 5-qubit QPUs
  • Simulators
Recommended for business

Pay-As-You-Go Plan

via IBM Cloud

$1.60 USD / second

About this plan

Access our more advanced systems with Qiskit Runtime on an as-needed basis, paying only for the time you use.

Best for

  • Startups
  • Researchers
  • Developers with larger workloads

Available systems

  • 127-qubit Eagle systems
  • 27-qubit Falcon systems
  • Simulators
Recommended for business

Premium Plan

Contact us for pricing

About this plan

Access our most powerful systems, as well as exploratory systems, with shorter wait times and hands-on service. Create and execute quantum programs at scale with Qiskit Runtime.

Best for

  • Industry
  • Academic institutions
  • Research laboratories

Available systems

  • 433-qubit Osprey systems (coming soon)
  • 127-qubit Eagle systems
  • 27-qubit Falcon systems
  • Exploratory systems
  • Simulators

Technical services

Quantum Accelerator

The IBM Quantum Accelerator is our full-service offering for clients looking to build on access offered by the Premium Plan. Accelerator clients get personalized support plans to fully prepare for the coming impact of quantum on their industries.

Develop a roadmap to quantum readiness with our in-house experts. Build foundational understanding and skills. Identify key areas for potential quantum value in your business. Get to quantum-readiness in time to seize commercial value.

Quantum Safe

IBM Quantum Safe is an end-to-end solution for securing your data, systems, and software for the quantum era. Safeguard your enterprise from quantum attack using IBM Quantum Safe technology and technical services.

Visualize your complete cryptographic inventory, identifying at-risk capabilities and dependencies. Mitigate and remediate vulnerabilities with quantum-safe cryptography. Achieve a posture of crypto-agility by maintaining ongoing visibility and control over your entire cybersecurity landscape.

Industry reports

Ilyas Khan

Founder and CEO, Cambridge Quantum Computing

From The Quantum Decade

Client case studies

Client case studies

Mercedes x IBM QuantumMercedes envisions a new generation of electric vehicles through quantum battery technology