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Global businesses are readying themselves today for the era of quantum computing. See how our industry experts prepare our clients to use this technology for competitve advantage.

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    This is a rare window of opportunity

    Quantum computing is not an incremental technology. It is the kind of step change that comes along once in a century, and that change is approaching faster than we thought possible even a few years ago.

    Businesses that become early adopters during this window will have an immediate advantage when it comes time to turn this technology into commercial value.

    IBM Quantum is your partner in getting ready. We have the expertise, educational tools, and unmatched quantum technology to help you chart your path to quantum value in your industry.

    Why now?

    Premium Plan

    Access our most powerful core and exploratory systems with shorter wait times and hands on service. Create and execute quantum programs at scale with Qiskit Runtime. Gain hands-on support and training — as well as curated access to the best minds in quantum computing via membership to the IBM Quantum Network.

    Current Premium Plan systems:

    • 27-qubit Falcon (core)
    • 27-qubit Falcon (exploratory)
    • 127-qubit Eagle (exploratory)

    IBM Quantum Accelerator

    The IBM Quantum Accelerator is our full-service offering for clients looking to build on access offered by the Premium Plan. Accelerator clients get personalized support plans to fully prepare for the coming impact of quantum on their industries.

    Develop a roadmap to quantum readiness with our in-house experts. Build foundational understanding and skills. Identify key areas for potential quantum value in your business. Get to quantum-readiness in time to seize commercial value.

    Ilyas Khan

    Founder and CEO. Cambridge Quantum Computing

    From The Quantum Decade

    Client case studies

    Daimler-Benz x IBM QuantumDaimler envisions a new generation of electric vehicles through quantum battery technology