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IBM Quantum launches accelerator for enterprise

New program offers resources to businesses at any point on their journey to quantum readiness.

IBM Quantum launches accelerator for enterprise

22 Sep 2021

Joseph Broz

Want to learn more about how this new offering can prepare your organization for a quantum advantage in your industry?

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Quantum computing has the potential to tackle some of the hardest computational challenges across sectors like finance, chemistry, energy, and pharmaceuticals—and thus, we hope that its business potential could be transformative. For many companies, this raises a big question: they see the potential and they're excited, but how do they get started?

Introducing the IBM Quantum Accelerator.

The Accelerator offering is designed to set forward-thinking organizations on the path to quantum advantage: applications for which quantum computers outperform classical computers. It is meant to make quantum computation part of mainstream company workflows for any organization, regardless of quantum computing maturity level.

Whether organizations are simply “quantum curious,” or have already invested in building quantum skills, the Accelerator offering is meant to help organizations push themselves further along their path to quantum competency. Not only will participants have premium access to IBM’s world-class quantum computing systems, but they will also have the unique opportunity to work with IBM Quantum experts to explore how this technology can benefit their specific domain—and to ready their teams with the skills and capabilities necessary for a quantum-ready workforce. With the Accelerator offering, we strive to provide tools to spread quantum awareness beyond quantum experts to developers seeking quantum advantages without specific training—putting organizations on track for a truly frictionless quantum experience.

Given that cloud-based public quantum computing access is only five years old, our team encounters organizations at various stages along the road to quantum adoption.

Think of the quantum journey like a road trip: some CEOs are still in the garage—they may have simply read about quantum and hope to learn more. Others are just turning the ignition key—they have begun researching quantum, and are looking to incorporate it into a strategic vision of their future. Empowered customers have begun the drive, and are looking to learn the foundations of quantum and develop a workforce proficient in incorporating quantum algorithms. Maturing customers are well along the infinite road into the quantum future, beginning to map existing quantum algorithms to their specific problems, or even developing their own.

“For E.ON, the innovative use of quantum computing offers an opportunity to solve complex and cross-system optimization tasks in the energy transition in an innovative way. Our intensified cooperation with IBM is an important milestone in this regard.” —Victoria Ossadnik, Chief Digital Officer at E.ON.

On September 2, 2021, IBM and E.ON announced their “aim to drive the transformation of the energy industry with quantum computing.” Read the press release.

The road to quantum advantage

The mission of the Accelerator offering is to help guide participants onto that road:

  • For our new and curious customers, we help build foundational knowledge of quantum technology and provide insights into how quantum might apply to their sector, while helping to assess quantum’s impact in that industry and hypothesizing where quantum might address previously impossible problems.
  • For enabled customers, we help define future-state capabilities that would be required to realize their vision, collaboratively determine and prioritize gaps in their quantum capabilities, and develop a path to build up these capabilities, while estimating the business value and investment needed in order to realize their quantum goals.
  • For customers with established quantum computing expertise, we help orchestrate and refine the strategy for executing the participant’s quantum roadmap, while working together on applying quantum algorithms to their business problems.

Those taking advantage of the Accelerator offering receive access to IBM’s advanced quantum computing tools and expertise. Participants have access to IBM Quantum services, including either shared or dedicated system access. Enablement services for Accelerator participants include workshops and tutorials, consultation, and dedicated IBM Industry & Technical Services team members to help train, support, and guide users.

IBM Quantum has put together world-class quantum computing educational materials, and participants in the IBM Quantum Accelerator will have access to multiple levels of tailored educational offerings. We offer foundational training on quantum computing and algorithms for executives, technical training to up-skill and re-skill the given industry’s workforce, and even help domain experts gain a deep understanding of quantum algorithms by applying them to data that the participant supplies.

Adoption of quantum computers and their potential applications is up to the domain expertise at businesses across the world. Given how recent commercially-available quantum computation arose, there's still plenty of time to assess how quantum might impact your field—and to prepare yourself for a quantum future. And who knows, experts in domains for which there aren't obvious quantum applications still have the potential to develop paradigm-shifting algorithms.

Want to learn more? Fill out the IBM Quantum Accelerator form.

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