Quantum computing systems

Unlock the value of quantum computing with IBM Quantum on-location systems and cloud services for industry, institutions and governments globally.


Quantum computing begins with quantum circuits. They're tools to leverage the quantum paradigm to solve real problems. And they'll only ever run usefully on real quantum hardware.

With IBM Quantum this hardware is available today, accessible remotely via the IBM Cloud, or directly with a state-of-the-art quantum system on-site.


Circuits Run

1 Trillion

Quantum circuits run so far on IBM’s quantum hardware.

Quantum Volume


Total quantum volume across the cloud accessible IBM Quantum fleet.

Available qubits


Qubits in the most powerful IBM Quantum machines available online now.

IBM Quantum System One

This is the apex of the IBM Quantum offering. Created at the frontiers of multiple emerging technologies, IBM Quantum System One is the world’s first integrated product for clients that require an on-site quantum computer system for their exclusive use.

IBM Quantum System One comes with our 27 qubit Falcon processor, demonstrating a quantum volume of 32. The system is upgradeable to our 65 qubit Hummingbird processor and 127 qubit Eagle processor when they become available in late 2023.

IBM Quantum Services

Created to the same exacting specifications as IBM Quantum System One, our IBM Quantum Services are hosted in Poughkeepsie, NY.

IBM Quantum Services are designed to provide convenient IBM Cloud access to multiple systems for our enterprise, research and startup clients.

There are currently over 20 systems available through different levels of services tailored to our individual client needs. Several of our systems are freely available to the public through our Open Access service.

Latest announcement

IBM Quantum Hardware Roadmap: A 1000+qubits and beyond

IBM Quantum Systems are currently leading the world in the performance, accessibility and availability of quantum computing resources.

This is just the first step. In October 2020, IBM Quantum publicly shared detailed plans to reach 1000+qubits by the end of 2023 and how we intend to scale beyond even this in the years ahead.


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