IBM Quantum computer systems define the future of computing

It is in IBM’s DNA to lead at pivotal moments when a computing breakthrough becomes a breakthrough technology. Quantum computing is no different and with rapid advances over the past few years, the first practical use cases are in sight.

With the same rigor for delivering mission-critical technology at scale, we are building world-class quantum systems that are poised to provide unprecedented advantage over today's classical computers.

Quantum device
Exposed view of a quantum computer

See what goes into an
IBM Quantum system

IBM Quantum Systems: Engineered
like no one else can

Make no mistake - it’s difficult to build qubits. But that’s nothing compared to creating a quantum computing system capable of performing operations on many qubits, which must reliably work together with all system components and classical computing infrastructure. From putting the first quantum computer online in 2016 to operating a fleet of systems today, IBM is the only company offering the full quantum technology stack – the most advanced hardware, integrated systems, cloud services and most widely used software platform to deliver real-world solutions.


IBM Pictogram System 2


IBM Pictogram System 2


IBM Pictogram System 2
A letter Q increasing in fidelity

Increasing Quantum Volume
through better components

IBM is actively working to increase Quantum Volume and we’ve successfully doubled the Quantum Volume of IBM Quantum systems annually for the past three years. As part of our roadmap we plan to continue investing in the foundational hardware, system integration, and software innovations necessary to double our Quantum Volume annually, while also increasing qubit count. Doing so should allow us, as an entire community, to traverse through this phase of becoming quantum ready and prepare us to realize quantum advantage.

Open Access

IBM Quantum has made several of its quantum systems available to the public. These system represent the best of our engineering and inventiveness. Open systems allows users to access multiple quantum computing systems and powerful scientific and programming tools through Qiskit and IBM Quantum.

Premium Access

The IBM Quantum Network is committed to growing the quantum computing ecosystem by accelerating research, developing quantum skills, and discovering practical applications for industry and business. As part of IBM Quantum Network, members are provided with premium access to IBM’s most advanced quantum computing systems and development tools.

IBM Q System One

Enabling quantum
outside the lab

To make quantum computers more reliable and stable, IBM Quantum designed and built the world’s first integrated quantum computing system for commercial use: IBM Q System One.

IBM Q System One enables universal superconducting quantum computers to operate beyond the confines of a research lab.