Quantum for Business

A rare window of opportunity.

With a few short years to become early adopters of this impactful technology, enterprises are increasingly turning to IBM Quantum to partner in this phenomenal commercial opportunity.

Hear IBM’s Katie Pizzolato give the facts on quantum computing for business.

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Companies getting involved with quantum now are trailblazing ways to apply the technology to problems once thought impossible to solve.

Goldman Sachs

Our IBM Quantum Network is currently working with over 119 partners across multiple industries, developing real world commercial applications.

JP Morgan Chase

Turning challenges
into opportunities

Motions of light


Mitsubishi Chemical

Applying quantum computing to help develop lithium oxygen batteries with greater energy density.

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Harnessing quantum computing to develop more accurate chemistry simulation techniques in energy technologies and solutions.

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Exploring how quantum computing can advance the development of new materials for batteries, improve automotive manufacturing techniques, and enhance product experience.

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Unmatched industry and
scientific expertise


Quantum’s ability to accurately model molecular reactions, down to the subatomic level, has profound implications for everything from drug discovery to creating a new generation of lightweight, long-lasting batteries.


Quantum’s potential for mastering complexity points toward optimized solutions for resource discovery, delivery logistics, and the eventual development of sustainable energy sources.

Risk Analysis

Quantum’s disruptive calculating prowess can spawn a new breed of algorithms to tackle and solve monstrously complex scenario simulations, with dramatic upside for financial modeling and decision-making.

IBM leads the world
in quantum computing

Deployed cloud-accessible quantum computers


The largest and most powerful fleet of commercial quantum devices, accessible via the cloud since 2016.

Circuit executions


Calculations run by the largest, most active quantum developer community using Qiskit, the industry-leading open-source software.

Members of the
IBM Quantum Network


The world's first community of Fortune 500 enterprises, startups, universities and research labs – including partners like ExxonMobil, Daimler, University of Tokyo, and more.

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