Quantum for Business

Enterprises turn to IBM Quantum to achieve quantum readiness. ExxonMobil worked with us to reimagine the future of shipping and the global energy supply.


Prestigious clients are turning to IBM Quantum to turn their impossible problems into tomorrow’s commercial advantage.

This is a rare window of opportunity. IBM Quantum’s Accelerator program prepares organizations to seamlessly adopt quantum computing and act now. Are you ready?


Reach your full quantum potential, ahead of the competition

The Accelerator offering sets businesses on track to leverage quantum computing for maximum competitive advantage. Gain access to leading quantum services, build quantum fluency, and develop your quantum roadmap to realize near-term value.

Case studies

Learn about our IBM Quantum Network partners who are exploring how quantum can advance industry applications

Mitsubishi Chemical, JSR, Keio University

Redefining luminescence

IBM partners with JSR, Mitsubishi Chemical, and Keio University to explore new forms of light with quantum computing.


Crafting the future of electric vehicles

Daimler envisions a new generation of electric vehicles through quantum battery technology.


Taming the monster of maritime logistics

ExxonMobil strives to move the world’s cleanest-burning fuel across the globe which is a puzzle that demands a quantum solution.

Partnership program

IBM Quantum Network

Our partnership program for research and industry to advance quantum computing through workforce and application development.

When you work with us you become part of a community that’s bigger than just us.