Quantum computing: tomorrow’s computing, today

IBM Quantum leads the world in quantum computing. We aim to solve complex problems the world’s most powerful supercomputers cannot solve, and never will.

Case study

Daimler paves the way for the next generation of electric vehicles through its partnership with IBM Quantum


IBM Quantum solutions

IBM’s full-stack approach delivers the best of IBM’s quantum computing systems together with the most complete suite of quantum software tools and cloud services.

IBM Quantum Services

IBM Quantum Services offer access to the latest, world-leading quantum systems, simulators, runtimes and programming tools, all through the IBM Cloud.

Systems & Simulators

Our 20+ quantum systems make up the most powerful fleet of quantum computers in the world, with every level of machine based on Quantum System One technology.

Tools & Software

Visually build quantum circuits in IBM Quantum Composer to run on real quantum systems. Or prototype applications on the cloud with IBM Quantum Lab. It's all powered by Qiskit, IBM's open-source SDK.

Find the best solution for you

For business

Partner with IBM Quantum to find opportunities

Learn how organizations are working with our systems now to develop tomorrow’s quantum solutions.

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For developers

Code quantum algorithms in Python

Integrate quantum into your workflows with high-level libraries.

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For researchers

Advance quantum computing research

Work with the best experimentalists and theorists to explore new ways of cutting through complexity with quantum computing.

Person workng with the innerworkings of an IBM quantum computer

For educators

Educate the next generation

The field of quantum computing is just emerging, and we want students, educators, and society to grow and benefit from it.

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IBM Quantum’s roadmap

IBM's quantum development roadmap to deliver 100X speedup in 2021.

Get certified today

IBM offers the first professional quantum developer certification program.

IBM-HBCU Quantum Center is growing

Read about the new center members, 10 historically Black colleges and universities.