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The C++14 language standard is fully supported since the June 2020 PTF

What IBM XL C/C++ for Linux can do for your business

IBM® XL C/C++ for Linux is a standards-based compiler that is used to develop large and complex applications in the C and C++ programming languages. It generates code that leverages the capabilities of the latest POWER9™ architecture and maximizes your hardware utilization. IBM XL C/C++ for Linux can also accelerate your applications by offloading computation and data to the NVIDIA GPUs.


Offer a no-charge Community Edition

Allows for unlimited production use and provides a forum where your questions can be answered by IBM experts. Consider purchasing the License Charge Edition to obtain world-class IBM support.

Accelerate applications easily

Provides high performance computing with support for Power® Systems servers such as the POWER9 servers, and fully supports the OpenMP 4.5 programming model to accelerate your applications.

Increase your Power hardware ROI

Capitalizes on the POWER9 architecture; offers automatic parallelization of sequential programs to exploit modern multi-core processors.

Maximize application performance

Provides industry leading advanced optimization technologies including the high-performance libraries, profile-directed feedback (PDF) support, and interprocedural analysis (IPA).

Migrate applications to Power easily

Adopts the Clang front-end technology V4.0 to provide GCC compatibility and adhere to the latest C/C++ language standards; fully supports the OpenMP 4.5 industry specification.

Improve developer productivity

Increases usability by providing optimization reports for deeper insights and debug capability at optimization.

Why use the XL C/C++ compiler?

  • Boosting performance by parallelizing code with OpenMP
  • Five levels of industry leading optimizations
  • Optimization reports for deeper insights
  • Vector programming
  • Fullest exploitation of POWER9
  • High-performance libraries
  • Debug capability at optimization

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