Legacy IBM XL C/C++ compilers are still available for use

What can IBM Open XL C/C++ for AIX do for your business?

IBM® Open XL C/C++ for AIX® is IBM’s next-generation C/C++ compiler that facilitates the creation and maintenance of applications written in C/C++ for IBM Power. Taking advantage of the latest Power10 architecture, IBM Open XL C/C++ for AIX can generate code that leverages the capabilities of Power10 to maximize your hardware utilization.

IBM Open XL C/C++ for AIX fully incorporates the Clang and LLVM compiler infrastructure so you can enjoy the combination of open-source technology and IBM's strength in compiler optimization technology. LLVM is an open-source compilation framework that is actively maintained by a large development community, supporting multiple architectures and programming languages. Clang is part of the LLVM compiler infrastructure that provides a language front-end and tooling infrastructure for the LLVM project.

The infrastructure of IBM Open XL C/C++ for AIX allows you to benefit from modern C/C++ language, common LLVM optimizations, and GCC Compiler compatibility.


Maximize your Power hardware ROI

Capitalize on Power10 architecture, such as Matrix Multiply Accelerator (MMA), and maximize your return on investment with full hardware exploitation.

Optimize application performance

Take advantage of both common LLVM optimizations and IBM’s industry-leading technologies to improve workload performance.

Modernize and enable new C/C++ applications

Use the new C/C++ language standards to develop new applications and easily enable open-source software on AIX.

Enable continuous delivery

Faster build speed helps to shorten the development cycle, enable faster iterations, and provide continuous delivery for business-critical applications on AIX.

Accelerate the shift to the hybrid cloud model

Offer new monthly licenses per the virtual process core (VPC) charge unit. Enable license of IBM Open XL compilers on virtual servers per the needed capacities when you transition to hybrid cloud.

Obtain world-class IBM support

Comes with superior IBM service and support.

IBM Open XL C/C++ for AIX key features

  • Adoption of the Clang and LLVM infrastructures
  • Exploitation of the latest Power10 architecture
  • Link Time Optimization (LTO)
  • Profile Guided Optimization (PGO)
  • High-performance libraries
  • Optimization reports

Which option is right for you?

Perpetual license - Authorized user

One license per unique user

Perpetual license - Concurrent user

Shared access with multiple users

Monthly license (NEW) – VPC

Monthly license charged per virtual processor core (VPC)