Why integrate IBM Watson® Assistant on the phone?

Improve first-contact resolution and the customer experience with market-leading natural language processing (NLP), the ability to cover over 1,000 topics and smooth channel and agent handoff. Infused with IBM Watson® Text to Speech and IBM Watson® Speech to Text, IBM Watson Assistant can deliver the following benefits:

  • Resolve support issues the first time your customer calls.
  • Reduce long hold times and improve agent productivity.
  • Increase customer satisfaction while lowering costs.
  • Realize USD 25 million in benefits over three years.

Respect your customers time

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Cover 1000+ topics with conversational AI, no long menu trees or IVRs required

Improve first contact resolution

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Instantly understand why someone is calling through the power of artificial intelligence

Seamless agent handoff

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Handle calls on the phone or automatically pass your customer to an agent with context for a quick resolution

Improve the conversational experience

Integrate with your call center

Phone integration with Watson Assistant made easy

Set up a SIP trunk

Connect to Genesys Cloud CX in under 30 minutes or integrate with any contact center that uses SIP, an industry standard.

Add a voice channel

Provision a free phone number, powered by IBM’s partner IntelePeer, to test and launch your voice chatbot.

Optimize your bot

Customize your virtual assistant for any channel.  Simply re-use dialog, tailoring responses for phone.


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