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Speed copy processes, maximize tape resources and expand multitasking capabilities
What IBM Tivoli Tape Optimizer on z/OS can do for you

IBM® Tivoli® Tape Optimizer on IBM z/OS® improves the efficiency of tape operations. It allows you to speed copy processes, maximize tape resources and expand multitasking capabilities, so you can copy large volumes of tape and data sets more easily and efficiently.

Enjoy greater flexibility

Copy tape volumes and data sets to and from a variety of tape devices and media with more ease.

Conserve tape resources

Stack information and maximize tape space to help lower costs and minimize maintenance.

Expedite copy jobs

Use multitasking capabilities, automatic restart features and sophisticated filters to facilitate faster processes.

Automate updates

Preserve IBM DFSMSrmm™ tape library information and automatically update the IBM z/OS system catalog.

Get app integration

Integrate with IBM Tivoli Enterprise Portal, which enables side-by-side data comparison for more effective monitoring and troubleshooting.

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