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Business Value

SelectStack enables clients to manage all types of virtualization technology (Vmware, PowerVM, OpenStack/KVM, LinuxONE, BareMetal, Containers) through ONE single platform with unique request. It also enables clients to manage resource lifecycle. SelectStack is essential to build integrated cloud management and operation support platform during cloud transformation.

Key Features


Support mainstream software and hardware including X86, Power, System Z. Supports multiple virtualization technologies (ESXi, KVM, PowerVM, z/VM etc.)


Fully embrace the open source cloud OS OpenStack, and also support direct management of VMWare, Power and bare-metal resources. Based on IBM's open CCRA.


Flexible installation and configuration of multiple VMs. Automatic installation, deployment and configuration of database, middleware products. Flexible customization of business processes.


Provide REST API to allow customization. Support integration and interoperability with clients’ existing IT management system.


Provide IaaS level platform based on mature system architecture.

Major commercial automotive vehicle producer

Challenges faced by customer

  • Lack of a centralized cloud management platform for multiple hypervisors
  • Manual setup of bare metal environment, which impacts turnaround time to provide the infrastructure resources to the business departments
  • Rising VMware license costs, customer facing vendor lock-in problem

Benefits after implementing SelectStack

  • Provide unified cloud management platform. SelectStack reduces customer’s daily operational workload by 60%
  • Provide KVM virtualization and bare metal management capability. Avoid vendor lock in by using open standards hypervisor and cloud management platform
  • Allows client to embark on the strategic transformation to become an Internet of Vehicle industry application platform i.e. industry cloud

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A city commercial bank’s cloud platform

Challenges faced by customer

  • Need automatic deployment and life cycle management of VM, OS and software
  • Need centralized portal for resource management
  • Improve operation and maintenance process assistance and tools
  • Comprehensive monitoring

Benefits after implementing SelectStack

  • Effective management of IT infrastructure, reduced complexity through automated services
  • Rapid cloud platform implementation, improved enterprise private cloud resource management efficiency and resource utilization
  • Reduced operation and maintenance costs, improved software development quality

Food beverage Manufacturer, convenience store conglomerate

Challenges faced by customer

  • Expand infrastructure on demand to meet business requirements
  • Multiple OS and hypervisors
  • Reduce IT operations expenses, improve IT operational efficiency
  • The ability to track resource utilization

Benefits after implementing SelectStack

  • Unified virtualization management platform: Allows to migrate workload from VMware to KVM
  • Workload standardization: Using reusable patterns to provision VMs for different workload
  • Flexible infrastructure: Less dependent on VMware licenses
  • Cost reduction: Improve resource utilization on the available infrastructure

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