Rational Developer for i key features

Increased productivity

Optimize your work process with integrated development tools. Remote System Explorer connects with IBM i servers to search and manage server-side files and run server scripts.
Language-aware source editing capabilities include color tokenizing, outline views, content assist and integrated compile error feedback. Visual analysis tools assist in understanding application structure and dependencies.

Greater business agility

Reduce training time with a modern Eclipse-based development environment when working on heritage RPG and COBOL applications. Rational Developer for i supports a range of programming models and languages including Java® , Java EE, C/C++, RPG, COBOL, CL and DDS. Enjoy a common user experience across other Rational IDEs for IBM Z® systems, AIX® and Linux® .

Improved team efficiency

Use Rational Team Concert, a lifecycle management software that supports remote-based teams. Enable source control, build automation and collaborate on lifecycle management projects using a common platform that includes agile, formal, and hybrid planning and reporting.

Flexible packaging

Choose the purchase option that is right for you. Purchase it with: RPG and COBOL Tools; or RPG and COBOL + Modernization Tools, Java Edition.