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IBM Administration Runtime Expert for i (ARE) can help you ensure consistent performance and deployment for any workload running on your system.
The IBM Administration Runtime Expert for i (ARE) Console has migrated to Navigator. Learn more here.

The product ships with an intuitive, easy to use GUI interface.  The interface provides for the collection and verification of a customized set of information about an application, its runtime environment, and the IBM i system that it runs on. Users have the ability to collect a wide array of information, system settings, and attributes. This collected information is built into what we call a ‘template’. Once a template is built, it can be used to verify the application, and its environment, on the same system where the template was built, or any other IBM i system. A system is verified against the information stored in the template, and the results are documented in a set of reports. These reports give a clear and concise view of what changed, or what is different. The beauty of this interface and methodology is that you can build and maintain an application knowledge base, which can be used to automatically verify a system. You can easily update your template to include new information and settings as you learn more about things that cause your application or system run incorrectly.

For examples of how ARE can change the way you do application service and support, see the usage examples in the getting started guide.

What you can collect

The IBM Administration Runtime Expert for i has a wide array of application attributes and settings it can collect, along with many of the system settings and values most critical to your applications. Here are some of the possible attributes and values that it can collect:


Code samples

Code samples that demonstrate different aspects of writing custom plug-ins are shipped as part of the ARE product. The code samples can be found on any system where the product is installed in this directory:



Fix Description
V7R4M0 ARECore V7R5M0 ARECore
ARE console compatibility with Navigator     SJ00055
Ensure that the JVM is ended when HTTPSVR IBMARE is ended SI85645
Fix for ARE PTF check against PSP failing with HTTP 403 SI85602 SI85603 SI85604
CVE-2023-42006, Change to saving of password conf file SI84843
Updated property for remote side connection SI84693 SI84694 SI84695
Fix for growing passwords when restarting IBMARE server and memory issues with large import files (part 2) SI83943
Fix for memory issues with large import files (part 1) SI83641
Fix for 10 character ARE cover letters not sent to target system SI83618 SI83617 SI83616
Fix for QHCRPRECHK PGM reports wrong java product information at R750 SI83526
Fix for table disappearing if '/' is entered in System Name, User ID, or Template Description SI83470
IBM Toolbox for Java CVE SI82955 SI82954 SI82948 SI82904
Handle *RQST PTF for ARE fix action SI77563 SI77574 SI79565
Dojo 1.3.3 update SI80769


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02 April 2024