What can IBM® Power® E1080 do?



Key features of IBM Power E1080

Optimize core operational and AI apps

Faster response to business demands

World-record SAP SD-two-tier benchmark with 8 sockets beats the best 16-socket results of x86 environment.¹

Enhanced performance and efficient scalability

Revolutionary 7nm Power10 processor provides a lower energy footprint.

Flexible deployment

IBM Power10 generation of servers are designed to make technology a frictionless experience.

Persistent security

New layer of defense with transparent memory encryption keeps all data in memory encrypted between memory and processor.²

Improved protection

4X more crypto engines in every core compared to Power9³ accelerates encryption performance across stack.

Security-rich design

In-core defense for attacks and support are designed to protect data from core to cloud.

Streamlined insights

Computational strength and data bandwidth manage the demanding AI inferencing and machine learning.

Continuous operations

Advanced recovery, diagnostic capabilities and more than 2x greater Open Memory Interface (OMI) increase server's consistency.

Optimized reliability and availability

Power10 DIMMs deliver 2X better memory reliability and availability than industry standard DIMMs.⁴

Gain agility and flexibility

IBM flexible payment plans help align infrastructure investments with workload needs.

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Product resources

Control IT infrastructure costs

Power10 is designed to provide security, scalability and efficiency across your hybrid cloud.

Experience security and reliability

IBM Power is one of the most secure and reliable servers in its class. See why.

Buy or upgrade warranty

Best-in-class IT support is available to ensure your high availability.


¹ IBM Power E1080; two-tier SAP SD standard application benchmark running SAP ERP 6.0 EHP5; Power10 3.55-4.0 GHz processor, 4,096 GB memory, 8p/120c/960t, 174,000 SD benchmark users (955,050 SAPS), AIX 7.2, DB2 11.5. Certification # 2021059. All results can be found at sap.com/benchmark Valid as of 8/27/21 HPE Superdome Flex; two-tier SAP SD standard application benchmark running SAP ERP 6.0 EHP5; Intel Xeon Platinum 8280L 2.7 GHz, 16p/448c/896t, 152,508 SD benchmark users (877,050 SAPS), running Windows Server 2019 and Microsoft SQL Server 2019, Certification # 2020029.

² Transparent Memory encryption means that the capability does not need any user configuration.

³ 5X improvement in per socket inferencing throughput for large size 32b floating point inferencing models from Power9 E980 (12-core modules) to Power10 E1080 (15-core modules). Based on IBM testing using Pytorch, OpenBLAS on the same BERT Large with SqUAD v1.1 data set.

⁴ Based on IBM’s internal analysis of the IBM product failure rate of DDIMMS vs Industry Standard-DIMMS.