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Plan About the IBM NS1 Connect platform

Get an overview of what is included in IBM NS1 Connect and an introduction to how it works.

Getting started with IBM NS1 Connect

Read the step-by-step guide on how to implement your IBM NS1 Connect solution.

IBM NS1 Connect’s approach to seamless DNS migrations

It can be daunting to migrate crucial networking technology. Learn how IBM NS1 Connect helps make your DNS migrations straightforward.

Introduction to the Filter Chain

IBM NS1 Connect’s Filter Chain technology powers advanced traffic steering capabilities. Learn more about how Filter Chains work.

Introduction to RUM-based traffic steering

Learn about real user monitoring (RUM)-based traffic steering, which is designed to optimize application delivery across complex, globally distributed networks for an enhanced user experience.

What is RUM data and why does it matter?

Get a deep dive into what RUM data is, and learn how IBM NS1 Connect’s traffic steering technology leverages RUM data to further optimize the user experience.

Approach Overview of traffic steering filters

IBM NS1 Connect features advanced traffic steering capabilities to optimize how user traffic is routed across your network. Learn more about how to configure these traffic steering policies.

Getting started with RUM-based traffic steering

IBM NS1 Connect’s RUM-based traffic steering offers more advanced traffic steering capabilities than the standard Filter Chain. Learn how to configure RUM-based traffic steering.

Getting started with Dedicated DNS

Dedicated DNS is an optional paid add-on to IBM NS1 Connect. It provides a redundant, logically separate DNS instance that seamlessly syncs with your Managed DNS instance to help protect against downtime.

Introduction to DNS insights

DNS insights is a paid add-on to IBM NS1 Connect Managed DNS that helps you identify network misconfigurations by using curated DNS data analytics. Learn more about how to use DNS insights.

Fine-tune network performance with DNS insights policies

Get an in-depth overview of how you can leverage DNS traffic data to identify misconfigurations that can impact user experience and overall reliability. Learn more about how DNS insights, an optional add-on to IBM NS1 Connect, makes this simpler with customizable policies and reports.

Practice IBM NS1 Connect User Community

Join this user community to connect with other networking professionals, access in-depth product tutorials, and stay up to date on the latest features.

IBM NS1 Connect free developer account

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Optimize application performance

Read an overview of how you can use IBM NS1 Connect traffic steering policies to optimize application performance for your users.

Automating failover mechanisms

Watch a quick overview on how you can use NS1 Connect Filter Chains to improve resilience with automated failover mechanisms.

Explore Improving performance and resilience of “last mile” connections with Global Server Load Balancing

See how DNS and Real User Monitoring (RUM) data offers an attractive solution for load-balancing teams looking for greater functionality at a lower cost.

Why you shouldn’t use global anycast DNS in China

Learn why global anycast DNS can hamper application performance in certain regions, including the Chinese mainland.

IBM NS1 Connect solution overview

Get a quick overview of how the IBM NS1 Connect solution can help you improve user experiences, add resilience and decrease costs.

Extend the value of hybrid cloud networking

See how IBM NS1 Connect’s RUM-based traffic steering can help you optimize application delivery end-to-end in hybrid and multicloud environments.

Making business-critical network decisions

Learn about key milestones and decisions along a successful cloud and digital transformation journey—including how authoritative DNS can help unlock value.

AvidThink Survey Report: Enterprise Network Transformation Trends

This survey report reveals valuable insights into current state and future direction of network infrastructure, application connectivity, and content delivery strategies.

Reimagining GSLB with DNS and RUM Data

In this eBook, we’ll review the pros and cons of different approaches to load balancing and GSLB. We’ll look at traditional inline load balancers, WAFs, ELBs/ALBs and in-house solutions to see where their strengths and weaknesses lie. Then we’ll look at new, disruptive approaches that may offer the mix of functionality, resilience and cost effectiveness that businesses are looking for.

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