What is IBM MQ Advanced?

IBM MQ Advanced is the right solution for enterprises wanting to seize more opportunities, while protecting their data and their customers. With security and compliance being increasingly important and 24x7 uptime essential, MQ Advanced can provide superior protection, inspired high availability and the ability to consume data in more forms and environments, so you can grow, innovate and thrive.


A graphical icon representing continuous workflow through business continuity with high availability that IBM MQ Advanced helps provide

Business continuity with easy high availability

No downtime or wasted time identifying problems. IBM MQ Advanced helps meet your connectivity needs reliably with an integrated messaging solution in high-availability configurations.

A graphical icon representing the ability of IBM MQ Advanced to encrypt data and improve security

Secure data movement with encryption built in

Protecting and validating data can be demanding on resources. IBM MQ Advanced encrypts data and can help prove regulatory compliance to safeguard you, your business and your customers.

A graphical icon representing integrated file transfer over your existing network the IBM MQ Advance can provide

Integrated file transfer over your existing network

FTP and homegrown file-transfer solutions are fraught with risk and add to overhead. Purchasing a separate tool for file transfer adds to the complexity of your environment.

Product versions

Consider these IBM MQ product versions

IBM MQ on the cloud

Deploy IBM MQ across clouds for a common messaging backbone. Gain assurance and peace of mind, while connecting to your existing on-premises MQ infrastructure.

IBM MQ Appliance

Get IBM MQ scalability and security and a high-specification appliance’s simplicity, convenience and low TCO. Ideal for clients consolidating their MQ estate.

IBM MQ for z/OS

With custom code designed for IBM z/OS®, IBM MQ is the best way to transfer data on the mainframe. Get the stability, reliability and security-rich messaging that can be used as the foundation of your business.


Simplify, accelerate and facilitate the reliable exchange of data with a security-rich messaging solution for cloud, mobile, IoT and on premises environments. Trusted for over 25 years by the world's most successful enterprises.

Data protection through end-to-end message security

An insurer uses IBM MQ Advanced to protect customer data through end-to-end message encryption, helping ensure data travels safely and prove compliance with GDPR.

Complete your IBM MQ deployment

IBM App Connect Enterprise

Simply connect applications and data across all of your environments. Benefit from hundreds of security-rich, pre-built connectors and integration features to satisfy even the most complex enterprise requirements.

IBM PureApplication®

Deploy application environments quickly and repeatedly for on-premises and off-premises cloud landscapes.

IBM Event Streams

Enjoy a scalable, distributed, high-throughput message bus, available as a fully managed IBM Cloud™ service.

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