IBM MQ for z/OS
Combine the stability and reliability of the mainframe with IBM MQ
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The power of IBM MQ on IBM Z

IBM® MQ for z/OS® brings the strength and dependency of IBM MQ software to IBM Z, along with built-in High Availability and deep connectivity with Apache Kafka and IBM Aspera.

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Benefits Strengthen security

Protect the data that keeps your business running.

Increase resilience

Greater scalability and resilience to meet business goals.

Advanced connectivity

Send files, unlock events, and connect your organization together.

Features A strong messaging foundation Rich connections

Connect to technologies like Apache Kafka and IBM Aspera.

Reliable asynchronous messaging

Custom code designed for performance IBM z/OS.

Best-in-class resiliency

High availability built into MQ for z/OS using queue sharing groups.

Other Deployment Options IBM MQ Appliance

Use a high performing, MQ-dedicated appliance, pre-configured for simplicity and optimized for cost reduction.

IBM MQ for z/OS®

IBM MQ for z/OS brings the strength and dependency of IBM MQ software to the mainframe.

IBM MQ on Cloud

Use MQ as a fully hosted and managed offering in IBM Cloud or AWS so you can focus on connecting your applications.

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The grocer reduced the time it takes to move information from stores to the data warehouse. Read the case study
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