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A secure and reliable messaging solution for fast and cost-effective integration
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Reduce costs and simplify your estate

IBM MQ solutions are used by thousands of enterprises worldwide to be confident their business data is protected and will reliably arrive in the right place at the right time.

The MQ Appliance is a great choice for those trying to simplify maintenance and reduce costs.

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Benefits Simple setup

IBM MQ firmware is pre-installed on dedicated, secured hardware so your teams can get started rapidly.

Maximized performance

Handle even the most demanding high-volume workloads with greater processor power, faster storage and increased networking capacity.

Business resiliency

Easily create a highly available, resilient architecture for continued access to message data in the event of outages.

Reduced costs

Save on hardware and maintenance costs by simplifying your estate and eliminating time spent installing, patching and maintaining complex, multi-stack environments.

Data insights without interruption

Harness mission-critical data as it flows through your enterprise with streaming queues to seamlessly power analytics and AI.

Protection against threats

Encrypt highly sensitive and valuable business data at all stages of its journey without writing complex code or modifying applications.

Features of IBM MQ Powerful messaging

Connect diverse systems with support for message queuing, events or PubSub, and making transactions.

Assured delivery

Unlike its competitors, IBM MQ will never lose a message or deliver a message more than once.

Market-leading messaging, everywhere

Get the same proven, security-rich, high-performance messaging solution, however and wherever you deploy.

Resilient operations

Automated and intelligent workload balancing lets you design applications for scale.

Freedom to develop

Use broad language, API and messaging protocol support (including AMQP) and simple management tools.

24x7x365 technical support

A dedicated IBM MQ team is available to help you, along with a large user community.

  • 256 GB RAM, 16 x 16 GB DDR4 DIMMs

Ethernet ports
  • 1 GbE ports: 8
  • 10 GbE ports: 4
  • 40 GbE ports: 4
  • 100 GbE ports: 2
  • 1 GbE management ethernet ports: 2 (1 supporting IPMI)

Processors and disks
  • 2 x 16-core Intel Xeon Gold 6326 Processors. 2.9 GHz QXS7, Hyperthreading enabled
  • 4 x 3.2 TB NVMe SSDs under hardware-controlled mirrored RAID
Case studies Grocery retailer

A grocery retailer effortlessly transfers 50 million messages across the country every day.

The Professional Provident Society

The client had an 80% drop in remedial actions as a result of audits and 90% of system code was eliminated with IBM MQ Advanced.

Financial institutions use MQ heavily; it’s very good at what it does. Paul Hatcher Head of Enterprise Messaging The Bank of New York Mellon Read the case study
Other IBM MQ deployment options IBM MQ on Cloud

Deploy IBM MQ across clouds for a common messaging backbone.

IBM MQ Advanced

Get core IBM MQ functions with additional file transfer and end-to-end message data encryption.

IBM MQ for z/OS®

Transfer data on the mainframe with custom code designed for IBM z/OS.

Next steps

Contact an advisor to get help configuring IBM MQ Appliance for your business needs.

Read the data sheet
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