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Reduce cost and simplify your estate

Get the most out of your IBM® MQ investment with a physical appliance that provides a high-performance, highly available, reliable and security-rich means of deploying MQ messaging middleware.

Reduce maintenance and other running costs and get entitlement to the IBM® Aspera® FASP.io Gateway at no charge.


Protect data and recover seamlessly

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Expect high availability. Recover seamlessly from datacenter outages.

Reduce costs

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Free up space and save time. Firmware updates keep maintenance and upgrades simple.

Extend or consolidate your MQ network

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Efficiently combine multiple projects, or use as a messaging hub or gateway to your MQ estate.

Features of IBM MQ 9.2

Fast Red Hat® OpenShift® experience

Use prebuilt MQ Advanced containers

Uniform clusters

Manage your workload, combine HA and DR, and gain entitlement to the IBM Aspera fasp.io. Gateway.

Highly available MFT agents

Run applications in .NET core, use Java 11 clients and make managed file transfer agents (MFTs) highly available.

Augmented security

Updates in TLS 1.3 allow dynamic selection of cipherspecs that apply. Java keystore protection.



RAM and RAID cache

RAM and RAID cache

  • 192 GB RAM, 12 x 2666 MHz DDR4 DIMMs
  • 2 GB RAID cache

Ethernet ports

Ethernet ports

  • 1 GbE ports: 8
  • 10 GbE ports: 6
  • 40 GbE ports: 4
  • 1 GbE management ethernet ports: 2 (1 supporting IPMI)

Processors and disks

Processors and disks

  • 2 x 12 core Skylake Intel Xeon Gold 6126t processors (6 cores active in B model), 2.60 GHz, Hyperthreading enabled
  • 4 x 3.2 TB SSDs under hardware-controlled mirrored RAID (6 TB effective, 3 TB effective B model)


Case studies

Servicio De Impuestos Internos

Learn how a government agency in Chile uses MQ Appliance to service one million end users.

A financial services organization

MQ Appliance helps to reduce costs for ATM transactions, loan applications and mobile banking.

Deployment options

IBM® MQ on Cloud

Deploy IBM MQ across clouds for a common messaging backbone.

IBM® MQ Advanced

Get core IBM MQ functions with additional file transfer and end-to-end message data encryption.

IBM® MQ for z/OS

Transfer data on the mainframe with custom code designed for IBM z/OS.


A security-rich messaging solution for cloud, mobile, IoT and on-premises environments.