What is Integrated Facility for Linux?

IBM® Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL) is a processor dedicated to Linux® workloads on IBM zSystems® and IBM LinuxONE. It is supported by the Linux operating system for IBM zSystems and LinuxONE, IBM z/VM® and KVM. IBM z16™ and LinuxONE Emperor 4 offer massive processing capacity, on-chip acceleration, and industry-leading capabilities for cyber resiliency.

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Extensive processing capacity

Support up to 200 user-configurable IFLs and up to 40 TB Redundant Array of Independent Memory (RAIM). Operate asynchronously with standard processors.

Designed for performance

Improve performance capability with enhanced Simultaneous Multi-Threading (SMT) and Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) technologies.

Flexibility to add IFLs

IFLs can be added on the fly. IFL technology supports On/Off Capacity on Demand (O/O CoD), Capacity Upgrade on Demand, and Capacity BackUp (CBU).

High speed communication

IBM HiperSockets™ and Shared Memory Communication (SMC) functionality provide high speed communication between logical partitions.

On-chip acceleration

New on-chip acceleration provides faster AI insights at scale, increased data transfer rates, lower CPU consumption and rapid encryption of CPACF.

No affect to MSU rating

IFL does not increase charges for IBM zSystems software running on “standard” processors, nor does it affect the MSU rating or the IBM zSystems model designation.

Widely available and supported

Available for all models of IBM z16, z15™, z14®, z13®, z13s® and LinuxONE, and supported by the Linux OS for IBM zSystems and LinuxONE, z/VM and KVM.

Flexible partition management

Manageable by PR/SM or IBM Dynamic Partition Manager in logical partition (LPAR) with dedicated or shared processors. Requires an LPAR definition.

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