Included with IBM Infrastructure Suite for z/VM and Linux

IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON XE on z/VM and Linux


OMEGAMON® XE on z/VM® and Linux provides a wide range of information about the z/VM and Linux on IBM Z operating systems. You can compare Linux operations side by side with detailed performance metrics from other important systems. With Dynamic Workspace Linking, you can easily navigate between Tivoli Enterprise Portal workspaces. High-level views help executives understand how systems performance influences business and the bottom line.

IBM Spectrum Protect Extended Edition

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IBM Spectrum Protect™ provides comprehensive data resilience for physical file servers, virtual environments, and a wide range of applications. Organizations can scale up to manage billions of objects per backup server. Clients can reduce backup infrastructure costs with built-in data efficiency capabilities and the ability to migrate or copy data to tape, public cloud services, and on-premises object storage. IBM Spectrum Protect can also store IBM Spectrum Protect Plus data, allowing companies to take advantage of their existing investment for long-term data retention and disaster recovery.

IBM Operations Manager for z/VM

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IBM® Operations Manager for z/VM® supports automated operational monitoring and management of z/VM virtual machines and Linux® guests. It can help you address issues before they impact your service level agreements. Systems programmers and administrators can automate routine maintenance tasks in response to system alerts. Users can easily debug problems by viewing and interacting with consoles for service machines and Linux guests. Operators have the ability to better interpret messages and determine corrective actions.

IBM Backup and Restore Manager for z/VM

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IBM Backup and Restore Manager for z/VM enables you to back up and restore files and data on z/VM systems and images of non-z/VM guest systems, such as Linux. It ensures system and data is available by using simplified facilities for file, minidisks, Shared File System file spaces and full system data backups and restores. It can perform backup and restore functions by optimizing operations for each data type. It also provides a flexible file selection with support for wildcard characters.

IBM Tape Manager for z/VM

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IBM Tape Manager for z/VM is an optional component that organizes information about tape resources in a tape catalog. It manages tapes across multiple IBM z/VM systems, allowing you to maintain one catalog of tape volumes. It monitors tape resources and notifies you when tape resources are running low or when tape catalog disk space is near capacity. Tape Manager for z/VM supports standard label (SL) and non-label (NL) tapes. In addition, it provides support for manual tape devices and physical and virtual tape libraries from IBM, Oracle® StorageTek, EMC® and Luminex.

IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center

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IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center is an optional component of Infrastructure Suite for z/VM and Linux. It is an IaaS offering that delivers an industry-standard user experience for the IaaS management of non-containerized and containerized workloads. It provides lifecycle management for the IBM z/VM virtual infrastructure and enables the automation of services. It also provides the capability to integrate IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE into a hybrid cloud model across your enterprise. With that, Cloud Infrastructure Center provides a foundation for a scalable infrastructure cloud management solution across your enterprise.

IBM z/VM virtualization software

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Enable more virtual machines on a single system with  scalability, system management and performance.