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Key features and capabilities of IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio

Explore the integrated development environment (IDE), the mathematical programming (CPLEX) and constraint programming (CP) optimization engines.

Demand forecasting and resource optimization

Convert business problems into optimization and forecast models in days, not months. You get greater accuracy, optimized plans, and can report with confidence.

Solve a production planning problem using IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio IDE

Explore how to convert business problems into mathematical models using Optimization Programming Language (OPL). Learn about the OPL model syntax.

Client case studies

ÇimSA Çimento Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S

Learn how ÇimSA used CPLEX Optimization Studio to solve complex business optimization problems and deliver solutions faster.

Taros Tarim

Read how Taros Tarim optimized strategic planning for increased profitability using IBM CPLEX.

Lumileds Holding B.V.

Learn how Lumileds Holding reduced the runtime needed to generate a sales and operations plan by 50%.


Deswik uses CPLEX Optimizer to help mine planners make better decisions on what to mine, when to mine it and where to send material.

DecisionBrain and Serco

Read how DecisionBrain uses CPLEX Optimization Studio to help Serco with a real-time optimization solution to distribute bicycles efficiently throughout London.

Leading bulk tanker transportation company

Learn how optimization software from IBM is helping this leading tanker carrier find efficient routes in real time — enabling cost savings and supporting growth.


Learn how CPLEX delivers lower transportation costs for agricultural supply chain and lower carbon footprint.


Learn how CleanSpark achieved significant time savings and differentiation in the field of microgrid development.


See how BondIT creates smart fixed-income financial portfolios in minutes to deliver greater value to investors.

Banque de France

Read how Banque de France uses CPLEX Optimization Studio to process hundreds of thousands of securities transactions quickly and securely.

West Point

See how West Point cadets use IBM prescriptive analytics to solve complex real-world problems.


Read how Decision Optimization models help reduce clay-blending process from days to seconds.


Black Box Expressions in CP Optimizer 20.1

Allow the user to incorporate external functions evaluated outside the engine search into constraints and goals.

Learn why prescriptive analytics is essential for businesses

Find out why prespective analytics is essential for transforming your business.


Hear from IBM clients

Explore how our clients have derived cost savings and improved ROI using IBM CPLEX Optimization Studio.

Simplify complex business decisions using data science

Make critical business decisions by leveraging the capabilities of CPLEX Optimization Studio.

Documentation and support

IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio solution brief

Learn why CPLEX Optimization Studio is the best choice for optimizing your business decisions.

IBM Knowledge Center product documentation

Find user and reference manuals for all versions of CPLEX Optimization Studio software.

Demand forecasting and planning

Learn how CPLEX Optimization Studio, SPSS Modeler, and Planning Analytics together can help you get more accurate forecasts and better operations planning.

Software lifecycle documentation

Explore the lifecycle dates and announcement letters for various versions of IBM CPLEX Optimization Studio.

developerWorks answers

Post your questions and answers in the IBM Decision Optimization forum.

IBM support

Learn more about product support options.


Gain new perspectives and get expert guidance.

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