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Protecting enterprise data is no simple task, especially when it's distributed across multiple clouds, applications and geographies. Data growth within cloud environments makes it increasingly complex to identify where sensitive information resides. Simultaneously, the cost of data breaches continues to soar, with devastating financial and reputational consequences that seem to be never ending. Navigating the intricate web of compliance and privacy standards further heightens the complexity of data protection. To tackle these challenges effectively, organizations must have a comprehensive strategy that encompasses early risk detection, policy enforcement and the safeguarding of data in motion and at rest. Automation has emerged as a critical tool, streamlining data protection and remediation processes.

IBM Security® Guardium® Insights is designed to simplify and streamline your data security efforts across the hybrid cloud environment. By implementing Guardium Insights, organizations can increase their confidence in their data security policies while also fostering enhanced team productivity with increased visibility. You can discover the full spectrum of benefits that Guardium Insights can offer through a live demo.  


Navigating Data Residency: Essential actions for enterprise compliance

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Use cases
Data discovery and classification

Sensitive information can reside in structured and unstructured data repositories, including databases, data warehouses, big data platforms and cloud environments. Data discovery and classification solutions automate the process of identifying sensitive information, as well as assessing and remediating vulnerabilities. 

Data and file activity monitoring

File activity monitoring tools analyze data usage patterns, enabling security teams to see who is accessing data, spot anomalies and identify risks. Dynamic blocking and alerting can also be implemented for abnormal activity patterns. 

Risk analysis

These solutions ease the process of detecting and mitigating vulnerabilities such as out-of-date software, misconfigurations or weak passwords, and can also identify data sources at greatest risk of exposure. 

Compliance reporting

Comprehensive data protection solutions with automated reporting capabilities can provide a centralized repository for enterprise-wide compliance audit trails.

Guardium Insights security features
Data retention Guardium Insights addresses challenges inherent in traditional data security and compliance solutions by providing a centralized hub for retaining and maintaining data security and audit data for extended periods. Unlike other tools on the market, Guardium Insights allows data security specialists to store data for as long as needed, so they can create detailed reports for auditors and apply data security analytics over a longer time frame to identify threats.

Advanced analytics Guardium Insights uses advanced analytics to help data security teams uncover areas of risk, emerging threat patterns and potential application hijacks. The analytics engine within Guardium Insights learns which operations and data interaction patterns are normal for a given organization, then helps identify suspicious behavior, potential fraud or threat-related activities in near real time.

Customizable, prebuilt reports To help simplify key activities for data security teams, Guardium Insights includes prebuilt data security and audit reports related to use cases such as user activity, dormant accounts, deployment health, brute force attacks, application health, insider threat indicators, privileged user activities, privilege escalation, connection detection, denial of service and more.
It helps keep us in compliance with our data security processes, and it has worked exceptionally well for us across all our environments. It is a very reliable and safe system to use. Rajat Gaur Consultant Capgemini Invent Read the review
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Looking to identify shadow data and its movement across applications? Read about the Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) capabilities in Guardium Insights.

Data compliance

Looking for help to meet the complex data compliance requirements? Take a look at the easy-to-use workflows in Guardium Insights that help you meet compliance needs quickly.

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