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Streamline engineering with an agile solution, IBM ELM Automotive Compliance, that helps you cut costs and reach compliance (Automotive SPICE, ISO-26262, UNECE WP.29/R155, ISO/SAE 21434)

What is IBM® ELM Automotive Compliance?

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) Automotive Compliance is a solution that helps you easily tailor IBM ELM for the automotive industry. IBM ELM lets you streamline adherence to and derive value from state-of-the-art engineering practices, such as Automotive SPICE,  ISO-26262, UNECE WP.29/R155 and ISO/SAE 21434.

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Comprehensive data model

IBM ELM Automotive Compliance is built on a lifecycle data model designed to provide traceability through requirements, tests and systems design, as well as management and supporting processes.

Built-in agility

React to change faster and understand how agile methods can be effectively applied in a regulated context. IBM ELM Automotive Compliance supports SAFe® 5.0.

Out-of-the-box reporting

Create transparency by gaining an end-to-end view of your project. Detect exceptions within your engineering data and project management.

Compliance expert content

IBM ELM Automotive Compliance contains templates and toolkits to help automate and streamline the Automotive SPICE, ISO-26262, UNECE WP.29/R155 and ISO/SAE 21434 compliance process.

Kick-start your MBSE journey

Understand how you can model your system architecture and systems behavior. Rely on a best-practice profile to kick-start a successful journey into MBSE.

Customizable and extendable

IBM provides you with a minimal, lean tailoring, which you can and should extend. This package is a good starting point for working more efficiently with IBM Services® and IBM Business Partners.

Key features
  • A pre-defined process, as well as corresponding workflow and reporting to work compliant with IBM tools
  • Capturing and managing requirements in a pre-defined structure that supports industry-best practices
  • Capturing and managing test cases in a pre-defined structure that supports industry-best practices
  • Planning and tracking of tasks, risks, change requests and problems with pre-defined work items
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Systematic risk assessment for safety and cybersecurity

A risk assessment is an important part of both the safety and the cybersecurity concept phases. IBM ELM Automotive Compliance supports widely used risk assessment methods Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment (HARA) and Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment (TARA) with explicit support for the:

  • Capture of the safety elements required by ISO 26262, such as item definition, hazardous events, safety goals and safety requirements
  • Calculation of Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) based on severity, exposure and controllability variables for HARA
  • Identification of threat scenario and damage scenarios as a part of TARA
  • Auto calculation of risk values using attack path feasibilities and overall impact of damage scenario to help determine risk during TARA
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Traceability and consistency monitoring

For assessments, you need a reliable end-to-end view of your engineering data. For this reason, IBM ELM Automotive Compliance includes a comprehensive set of reports. Achieve upstream and downstream traceability for:

  • Requirements
  • Architecture and detailed designs
  • Test cases and plans
Transparency on milestone delivery

An important part in process audits is your ability to monitor and react to exceptions in your process. IBM ELM Automotive Compliance includes widgets and reports that allow you to maintain a real-time overview of:

  • Velocity and progress regarding value delivery and project status
  • Reports that offer an overview of reviews, change requests and risks
  • Trend reports on problem resolution to predict release quality
  • Reports that show process exceptions and enable you to react
Templates for design and collaboration

Setting up engineering tools for a compliant workflow is a marathon. Process and tool limitations have to be known, scalability has to be considered and, of course, the end result has to be easy to use by users. We are prepared to provide you with:

  • Pre-configured forms for change requests, risks and reviews
  • Pre-configured templates for requirements, test and architecture
  • Pre-configured types to capture all information required by Automotive SPICE
  • Pre-configured views and reports to manage traceability and consistency
An agile process for automotive

A pre-defined agile process that relies on established agile practices from SAFe, enabling you to use agile methods at scale. The process content maps agile methods to the Engineering V-model. The offering contains:

  • One landing page for all relevant process groups
  • Detailed overview pages for solution content per process group
  • Process steps, roles and work product descriptions
  • A cross-domain linking and data model that also considers process activities
Comprehensive standard mapping

During Automotive SPICE assessments, questions need to get answered to understand which Automotive SPICE base practice is fulfilled by the project. Get prepared answers to these questions in the process content, so you know exactly why and how you need to use which Automotive SPICE base practice in order to achieve proof of compliance.

  • Detailed mapping of base practices to solution content included
  • Understand what features and artifacts help you to be compliant
Driving ahead with ASPICE
Learn how to comply with automotive industry standards and accelerate time to market using IBM ELM software. Explore the interactive paper
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